Triplet Training Wheels…for the Bed

We took off the side of the triplets’ beds, and they were falling out.  I actually improvised one solution similar to this, with rolled up blankets tucked into the sheets and the top of the railings.  However, with summer coming on, and pool supplies populating the shelves of the store, I might have to do this.  […]


If you haven’t yet seen U2-3D, I highly recommend getting to your closest IMAX theater to take it in. It gives a whole new experience to “Vertigo.” There are some amazing shots, and the 3D quality of it is such that you feel you could reach out and take Bono’s glasses right off his face. […]


The holidays are upon us. I hope everyone has a good Thanksgiving next week, wherever you will be. Jen and I will be in the Pacific Northwest from Tuesday through Sunday. So here’s wishing you a good feast to you and yours, from there. As it happens, I have a fairly grand holiday break set […]

The Ivory Tower

I’m writing this post from my new office at Macalester College. It feels right now rather incredible to be here, even just for one semester, teaching one class. And it’s exciting and a little daunting to have an office in the department and the building where I used to take classes myself, meet with professors […]

Offset your footprint

I’ve found this site about a year ago, which most people here probably already know about: It allows you to calculate the amount of carbon you create in a year, advises on carbon reduction, and allows you to choose what projects you want to put your donation toward when you offset through CarbonFund. It […]

Another passing

I attended the funeral service yesterday for Bob Hapgood, Sr.  He was of course a neighbor of mine and the father to Tony and Bobby, childhood friends. His death was sudden and unexpected, but the result ultimately of a food habit. Bob had heart surgery several years ago and had a recent heart attack. As […]

Summer Approaches…

It is actually 70 degrees here in Minnesota. Which means we only have three or four more snow storms before summer arrives. That got us thinking… Are any and all of you interested in coming to Minnesota for a weekend at the Aspengren lake place? After talking previously with J. E. and Toby about this, […]

Post Omnibus

This is my official return to the blog. (pause for applause.) 1) Our house is on the market now and we’ve had some stong interest already. I’ll post the MLS listing as soon as it is available. 2) I came across the painting below, Gasthof zur Muldentalsperre by Peter Doig, in an old issue of […]

Recommended: EITS

On Sunday, taking a break from home renovations, I saw Explosions In the Sky at Hogg Auditorium. Highly recommended. There are still tickets available for the Minneapolis show later this month but, alas, the Bottleneck is sold out. Check out the review.


Two things today. First- I have been unsuccessful in reading the protected blogs even with the password. I get a blank screen when I attempt to look at them. If anyone else has had this problem or knows how to fix it regardless, I would be interested in some assistance. I am curious about who […]

Protected: A Passing

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Paging Peters

I hope we hear from Jeff on his Mental Health posting, personality tests, and our group dynamic. Everyone has submitted their Meyers-Briggs test, and I think I speak for all of us when I say we’re excited to read the results and Jeff’s analysis. No pressure but friendly pressure. I don’t want to lose that […]

Three Things I’d Like You to Know

One: We have talked briefly about fasting on this blog, but never in depth. This February 24th, I am going to participate in a Thirty-Hour-Famine. This amounts more to a hunger strike than a fast, which implies a more spiritual journey. I will be going thirty hours without food in order to raise money for […]

Recommended: Pan’s Labyrinth

Though there are more scenes of graphic violence than I would have liked I highly recommend this movie. I didn’t see a better movie in 2006 and I don’t expect to see a better movie in 2007. I’m looking forward to Netflixing Guillermo del Toro’s other work as well.

Poetry Post

Here’s an appropriate first poem to start the New Year. It starts with a muzak-version of Dylan and ends on a Dear Abby letter, and in between gets at our present moment. –Shotts Hard Rain After I heard “It’s a Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall” played softly by an accordion quartet through the ceiling speakers at […]