JE — Your card arrived today. Thanks. I have that Nature Conservancy card set too. They are one of the very best charities. The one that I support no matter what, even when I’m down on my luck.

The Bride of Music Thursday

I discovered these guys because I saw them featured in an email and noticed they were from Lawrence, KS.  I like to support my fellow Kansan and discovered they didn’t need my philanthropy, because they’re really excellent.  Actually, it’s one of my favorite albums I’ve bought in a while.  They seem to have a bit […]

Verse V of a poem I wrote in college

It’s not very good, but I just felt like posting something different…the following is true and I put it in a poem while I was in college. V. The police called to tell me my car window was reported “found shattered.” I slip on my shoes and white T-shirt and break out of the front […]

Cracker Box Efficiency

I’m home sick with a wicked cold today so I might as well blog. So on Friday Peters and I were discussing new cars, hybrids, MPG and the like. Then on Sunday I found this ad thumbing through some of Jackie’s (my mother-in-law) old magazines. According to this, the 1976 Datsun B-210 had an EPA […]

That saying about life being hard is sometimes true…

I mentioned in the Music Thursday post that I was sorry for my lack of involvement over the last week.  This blog has been a great outlet for me, and I hope to come back in full force soon.  I know there will be ebbs and flows…last week was a tough one for many of […]

New Music Thursday

I discovered Post-War a couple of days ago.  I hope you like M. Ward.  I’ll post individual tracks if you guys can’t listen to the album by clicking on the cover. Update — I added the tracks Sorry about the lack of additional posting on my part over the last week.  It’s been busy and […]

On My Way

This is just an official post to say that I have set my flights to and from Kansas City. My itinerary is as follows: Friday, October 27, Northwest #2808, Depart MSP 4:05 pm, Arrive KC International 5:30 pm. Sunday, October 29, Northwest #1496, Depart KC International 3:55 pm, Arrive MSP 5:18 pm. I hope this […]

Humble Request Regarding Food and Going Hungry

Hello All, Speaking of food and going hungry, just thought I’d mention that I’m doing a three mile CROP walk this October. I’m supposed to have sponsors to raise money. I Don’t know too many people here to whom I can appeal. I’m trying to get people to send ten dollar checks made out to […]

Novel Inbox

I thought this was an curious idea. it’s interesting how literature is trying to employ the tools of modern internet to thrive.  In fact, the first blog I can remember took the shape of posting Samuel Pepys’ diary in daily increments. Anyway, there’s a depthful flurry of information and content out there…I find so little of […]

Sister Choreographer

You guys might have seen these before, but those who haven’t I think it’s worth putting it up.  Ok Go is the band, and legend goes, their sister is a choreographer who helped them out on the first video.  They distributed this first one on burned Cds at their concerts and it spread. The second […]

McPherson Music Thursday

Here’s the selection for this week, introduced to me by my sister, Traci.  The band is from McPherson, and they’re good.  Click on the cover to stream the whole album, or click on individual tracks to listen to them one by one.  Enjoy! The Sailor Sequence | Orange Yeah You AreIn TimeAngelsAround the CornerAnchor (For Jesse […]

Comments on a Few Things

Food: I, too, like J.E. have longed to be a vegetarian at certain points in my life. Gandhi speaks quite frequently about this and it certainly has re-instated that longing. He refers to the fact that red meat makes people more aggressive, which I don’t think has been proven through science but is interesting nonetheless. […]

Hot Topic

It seems like we’re getting into a topic that Shotts indicated he wanted to explore in an earlier post. So rather than add a comment to The Switch is On, Or The Coming of Autumn I’m starting a new post. Instead of congratulating our food instincts for being so smart those of us who live […]


I realize this comment will be lost on many of you, but it is time to make my annual appeal. I know TV ranks very low in most of our lists, but I have one guilty pleasure I wait all year for, the TV series, Lost. Tob, help me out here. Sept.27 is the first […]

Time, Part II

Time is elastic, I heard once. I always believed this thought to have some merit. Recent posts about time and how we spend it got me thinking. Is it truly about how we spend it, or how we experience it? Good times go quickly, bad times seem to move more slowly — that is, if […]