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Back in the Saddle Again

Trying to get the ball rolling with Music Thursdays, here are a few tracks I’ve been listening to in the past month.  Let me know if you enjoy them…. 01 Chris Garneau | Music for Tourists | Saturday 02 Chris Garneau | Music for Tourists | Not Nice 03 Bat for Lashes | Two Suns […]

The Half-Blood Prince

Peters suggested a discussion on the latest Harry Potter movie installment, so I thought I’d get that thread moving forward, now that I have seen it. I liked the movie a lot, as a summer popcorn adventure and also because the sixth book is one of the two best of the series (the best being […]

Jim and Marty Harris

I posted this on facebook, but thought I would add a little here as well. I heard Jim Harris on NPR and if you view the website, you get a little insight into his life and work – amazing. But you don’t get all the war facts he dropped during the interview. It was shocking, […]

Resurection (not the title of my painting but of my blog entry).

This is from a series I am doing on animal/human territory collisions. Somewhat related to my painting Apex. This is a parking lot near the Eau Claire mall where I saw a fox darting between two SUVs that inspired this painting of a trio of foxes. There should be two more to come, but right […]