Then and Now

Hilarious and nostalgic at the same time…a couple of these are mildly NSFW.

List of Lists

I have a folder of links I collected to share with the blog over the past half year, with the hopes of making a triumphant return to posting.  I’m not sure it’s triumphant but it’s a return. Hopefully I can keep pace for a little while and release these to you all over time.  When […]

On the Subject of 2012…

Another link I found in early 2013, was a series of videos an auteur named Matt Shapiro has put together for the last seven years called The Cinescape.  It’s pretty amazing craftsmanship, and even though none of the films he spliced together are original works, the way he did it is.  It’s masterful and brings […]

I am a Novice at Living


Decade’s Art

  I suppose this could category could designate different things for different people. It could mean art or shows that you’ve seen in the past decade, art that’s been created in the last decade, performing arts, movements in art, news about the arts, etc. I used a photo of Kara Walker’s artwork, because I think […]

Decade’s Books

This should be a lively discussion…the quantity of books published in the last decade, and amount of time invested in reading them means there will be far less “shared” time with the same books as our fellow Hollow Men.

Decade’s Movies

  The title says it all.  What are your favorites from the 2000’s?

Decade’s Music

Alright, let’s hear of your choices for the best music of the decade.  Serious contenders?  Personal favorites?  Guilty pleasures?


  Years, that is.  It’s the anniversary of Galileo discovering Io, Europa, Ganymede, and Callisto orbiting Jupiter. Read more about it here and here.

A Decade in the Making

Good 2010 to all of my fellow Hollow Souls. I’ve been in a particularly reflective mood in this New Year, and I want to explore some of those reflective moments with the rest of you, if possible.  It’s been a decade since the calendar flipped over to the year 2000, a lot of fears never […]


I have been contemplating this place and time in life–being 33. It is an interesting but hard to define stage. I have particularly been trying to explore the concept of the Jesus Year, as Jesus was supposedly 33 for the bulk of his ministry, betrayal, and death. The concept is that by the age of […]

Protected: Fasting, More Fasting, Gilligan, Etc.

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.


The last couple of days, I’ve been repairing a hole in our dining room ceiling, sanding, priming, and painting. Meanwhile, I’ve had on Minnesota Public Radio and occasionally CNN. Everything is abuzz with list of “The Top _________ of 2006″ (fill in the blank with “celebrities,” “movies,” “songs,” “albums,” “newsmakers,” and so on). Most of […]


And now, looking ahead, it must be asked: what do you foresee in 2007? This can either be predictions of important events or people, or it could take the form of personal New Years resolutions. It’s always such a reflective time. I’m reminded that the month of January comes from Janus, the Roman god of […]

Ned’s Latest Landscape

Pinch posting for Gannon…. “[This is] my latest landscape in the on-going series. It is partially about layers, history, traces, and alteration.”