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Month: January 2011

One of the Most Mind-Blowingly Beautiful Videos I Have Ever Seen

I saw this video on Nature on PBS several months ago, and PBS recently posted the whole thing. I want to order it so I can watch it with better resolution. I know you guys will likely not watch the whole fifty minutes, but you should consider it. Wow.

Dillusions in Modern Primitivism

Friend of mine at the U directed me to this. Ridiculous, but poignant in a strange way. Watch this two part video.
Part 1
Part 2

Speaking of Kila…

I don’t know that all of you have any history with this band, though most of you received an Irish cd at some point with some of their music on it. Their latest album is a series of slower, more sombre tunes, but their musicianship still shines. I thought the video was kind of pretty too.

Another Recommendation in the Vein of Ned

I’ve been listening to Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros, and think you guys might like the recommendation.  You can download some free tracks from their album here…including the song reinterpreted below.

I found them thanks to video below, one of the most endearing YouTube videos I’ve seen in a long time….  Hope I’m not overselling it.

I wish I could play a guitar, so I could do this with my kids….

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