Risk and Wealth

I have been thinking a lot recently about the nature of wealth and what is fair taxation, etc. I heard Bill O’Reilly talking the other night and accusing Obama of wanting to do wealth redistribution. This got me thinking: “this is something people think of as negative because it means taking something hard-earned from those […]


I am doing Cropwalk this year again for anyone interested in supporting that cause you can write a check to Cropwalk and send it to us at 2028 8th Street, Eau Claire, WI. I have been sick twice this semester already, once with the stomach flu and once with the traditional flu. It’s made it […]

Blood Marrow Donation

I recieved this email from a dear freind of mine and rather than forward it I’ve decided to post it. Everyone needs some odd little cause to support, and this one’s mine. The National Marrow Donor Program, maintains a database of a whole slew of volunteer marrow donors. As you probably know, finding a match […]

Offset your footprint

I’ve found this site about a year ago, which most people here probably already know about: www.carbonfund.org It allows you to calculate the amount of carbon you create in a year, advises on carbon reduction, and allows you to choose what projects you want to put your donation toward when you offset through CarbonFund. It […]

ushmm + Google Earth

I don’t know how many of you have seen this already, but I think it lines up with previous conversations we’ve seen on the blog since it’s inception: http://www.ushmm.org/googleearth/

Protected: Written Over a Hundred Years Ago But Never More True Than Today

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Protected: Fasting, More Fasting, Gilligan, Etc.

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Living It

I thought this was an interesting story and wanted to share.  Click on the photo above to read the article.

Good News from Botswana

Perhaps some of you heard this segment on NPR yesterday morning. I’ve been following the story of the bushmen’s fight for land rights in the Kalahari since early this fall when I read The Healing Land by Rupert Isaacson. I met Rupert, who happens to be an Elgin resident, a few months ago when he […]

Corporate Activism is just a click away

Seems legit. Might help someone besides Bristol-Myers Squib. Cynical but hopeful, J. E.

Update, etc.

For those of you who want an update, I received my first response to my letters to my two Congressman and my eight reps. from Ron Kind (democrat in house). It was a form letter, emphasizing that Kind voted for both intitiatives that the White House has passed regarding Sudan and Chad conflicts. The second […]

Feel Free to Do Likewise

I am sending this letter to both of my senators and all eight of my representatives. Feel free to use my letter for your own purposes, or make your own. Both of my senators are Jewish; so I am assuming the word genocide means somehting to them. I am also sending it to my very […]

Terrible Follow-Up

Here are some websites. One allows you to send an email to Bush and Kofi Annan, Secretary General of the U.N. (for just a bit longer before that South Korean guy, I forget his name takes over). Who knows what good it will do, but it can’t harm. You can edit the message if you […]


I recently saw an interview on Sixty Minutes in which an American doctor (working in Darfur, Sudan) accused the Bush administration of refusing to send in intervention forces because they were receiving information on Osama Bin Laden from the men in power. Osama apparently visited the current president to recruit men. When a German doctor […]


JE — Your card arrived today. Thanks. I have that Nature Conservancy card set too. They are one of the very best charities. The one that I support no matter what, even when I’m down on my luck.