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I am a Novice at Living

021 IR Sunrise

034 IR Lookout Veiled

099 IR Decrepit

116 IR Moonrise


236 IR Rainbow Three


244 IR Vortex


181 IR Alive


149 IR Back


165 IR RH


229 IR Edwards Capped


This is a new image in the TINAW series, one of three digital works I am constructing. Before I took the trouble to post it to my website, I thought I’d get your input.


You Might Get What You're After Final Flattened

Sketchbook Friday

SB 09 006

Sketchbook Fridays (Despite the Scant Response Last Friday)

SB 09 010


SB 09 011

Sketchbook Fridays

SB 09 008


SB 09 009


Here’s an image from my sketchbook (with close-up), collage and acrylic and ink, that deals with the demonizing of wolves throughout decades of American History. I’d like to call it Demyth.

Sketchbook Fridays

Here are a few pages from one of my sketchbooks that I plan to turn into a full grown painting when I have a moment to paint.


SB 09 013


SB 09 015

SB 09 014

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