Ingmar Bergman (1918-2007)

The Hollow Simpsons

Please forgive me — I had some time to kill in Tucson. I’m not all together happy with these but there are limited options.  (Ned looks too mean, Shotts looks too relaxed and Toby doesn’t look devious enough.)  If you are unhappy with your Simpsons avatar then I suggest you make your own.

Participate if you want…

We are all 1st years at Hogwarts School of Wichcraft and Wizardry. Taking turns sitting on the stool, wearing the Sorting Hat, we are all Sorted into our halls. I suspect I would be in Ravenclaw. For those willing to share, where do you think you might end up?

Reviving a Dead Horse and Kidder Quotes

With the HP fervor going around, perhaps there is no one out there to read this anyway. I have been haunted by a few things from a discussion we had on this blog months ago now, especially after reading Mountains Beyond Mountains. The first was Peters statement that everyting we do, we do to serve […]


I’m reading “King” by John Berger – a story told from the perspective of a dog (with considerable liberties) about a homeless couple living near a freeway in Italy. I’m about two-thirds of the way through the slim volume, far enough to confirm my opinion that Berger is one of my favorite living authors. His […]

Petrochina and Sinopec

I spent the better part of last Thursday and Friday (when I should of been painting my illustrations) digging into my State of WI retirement fund to change where my money is being invested. I recently learned that Fidelity Mutual Funds Company is a heavy investor in the two chinese oil companies Sinopec and Petrochina. […]

Potter 1-6 Spoiler Alert!

I forbid any discussion on the cultural significance of the Potter phenomenon.  If you want to discuss that, start another post. Okay any last minute predictions? Here are my odds: Chance that Harry will die: 60% Chance that Voldemort will not die:  20% Chance that Snape will die: 90% Chance that Snape is evil: 10% […]

My Head Sounds Like That

So I owe you many YouTube Fridays. I know. Here is one I’ve been saving up for a while. As I’ve been running around for the last month trying to remember everything I’ve forgotten I’ve often thought of this film. “Copy Shop” was shot and edited on standard 35mm but then each frame was individually […]

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The Brief History, NVC, and other crap.

I finished a Brief History of the Dead. I won’t say too much, as I understand that Toby is reading it. I will say that I appreciated how the blind man became an important character, as I thought he was one of the more complex. On a humorous note, I’m curious why Shotts, upon cracking […]

After the Explosions

I hope everyone had a great, safe, and relaxing Fourth of July.  And I hope at least one of us of won a prize in the Boat Parade. I’m sharing the mix that is assisting me as I try to get back into the weekday grind.  I hope you enjoy. 01 Emma Pollock | Adrenaline02 Von Sdenfed | The […]

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