Nuts for _____

Okay, I just got a call from the allergy clinic a couple of days ago.  I’ve been given the all-clear for my cashew and pistachio allergies!  They said that no observable allergies showed up in a blood test I took a few days previous.  So, I can begin to reintroduce the pistachios and cashews back […]

Happy Birthday to Us

Happy birthday, The Hollow Men.  It was one year ago today that this web site had its first blog entry.  That was a grand start to this fine conversation — a conversation that constantly exceeds my expectations.  Sometimes I feel like technology does very little to enhance our lives, but then I take a look at what has happened […]

Poetry Post: Burning Stubble

It’s been some time since the last poetry post. In the spirit of Ned sharing his excellent paintings, I thought I would share a recent poem of mine. BURNING STUBBLE There are many ways to become unexceptional. A field a field a field a road a field a field on fire. And you in a […]

The Moral Animal and a Question for Toby… or Free At Last.

I finished the Moral Animal. It is a great book, and I recommed it to any of the Hollow Men that want to tackle a broad survey of evolution, psychology, and philosophy. I definitely admonish people to do what Shotts apparently had to do with the HP books and persevere through lengthy exposition (except in […]

Alexander Solzenitsyn

Here’s a painting I did of Alexander Solzhenitsyn.

How’s the Weather?

Today in Eau Claire is cool and sunny. One of the first tastes of fall coming on. Eliot had his last day of pre-school soccer camp today (we lost one to zero, though most of the kids didn’t know who won and who lost or what team they were on or which direction to kick […]

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (the movie)

Sara and I had our only date in five months tonight. We ate dinner and saw HP and the Order. It was of course my choice of movie, but she enjoyed it almost as much as I did. We both liked it. I recently read an article which talked about Rowling’s insistence that the themes […]

Max Roach 1924 – 2007

One of the most innovative jazz musicians who recorded with Miles Davis on the Birth of the Cool died today. There’s an article in the NY Times online today.

“Participate if you want.”

“…when groups of people – especially males – spend much time together, some sort of hierarchy , if implicit and subtle, is pretty sure to appear. Whether we know it or not, we tend naturally to rank one another, and we signify the ranking through patterns of attention, agreement, and deference – whom we pay […]

Free at Last

I have this afternoon finished the final installment in the Harry Potter series. I have spent the last seven weeks with Harry Potter, from Book 1 to Book 7. Honestly, while I’m glad I read the books and am interested to have conversation about the series, I feel a weight lifted, having closed the cover […]

The Badlands

This is a painting that I did for a gift from my parents to my Uncle Bill for his anniversary. The subject is one of the highest points in Theodore Roosevelt National Park in North Dakota. I don’t really do things like this anymore when I have complete freedom, but I don’t think that Bill […]

Protected: Post With Live Writer

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

New Email

Toby I updated my email in my personal profile. Is this all I need to do to have the HM posts forwarded to my new email? Thanks.

Lloyd Alexander 1924 – 2007

Author of the Prydian Chronicles and other well known children’s books died at the age of 83 in Drexel Hill PA.


I finished the fourteen spreads and the four decorative pages for my book on Girgian in Ramadan. J.E. when you are back to a normal swing, let me know and I can send a few along for a post or two. I’m obviously not as connected to these as some of my personal pieces, but […]