Last Supper

Try this out- enjoy!

While we worked

Today’s music post is a collection of some of the songs I listened to while we were finishing up projects around the house for Clara’s arrival.  I’m not the most agreeable when it comes to house projects, so I needed something soothing and relaxing.  I listened to a bunch of classical (and movie soundtrack) mixes […]

Protected: May a Cull Paw or Who Cares if it’s Not Thursday

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Back on the blog.

Sorry for my lack of participation over the last month or so. Our computers have been relatively unusable (mine has died and Mandy’s has been in various states of disrepair, which is fixed for the time being.). Of course, the biggest news is the addition to the Becker clan. The hugest congratulations are in order! […]

Clara Francine

My apologies for not posting this sooner.  A couple of things have prompted my long absence from the blog 1) the getting ready for, the birth of, and resulting lack of sleep from Ms. Clara Francine 2) I took a week off work and I’ve been working double for a while now (although things are […]


I have to say that I wish we were all excitedly posting and commenting on this site about gathering for Thanksgiving. I know our lives are all at a distance and that there are many factors that mean the tradition has ended. We had a pretty tremendous ten-year run. And last year, I greatly enjoyed […]

In Rainbows

If you haven’t all by now downloaded Radiohead’s new album, In Rainbows, I highly recommend you do so. You can find it on Radiohead’s web site and download it for as much or as little money as you think it’s worth. Admittedly I gave all of two British pounds, which comes to about $5. It’s […]

Jerod’s True Identity

We’ve all been led to believe that Jerod has become a priest. I have photographic evidence that suggests this may not be true. He is in fact touring with Crowded House, playing key boards and singing backup. That toupee isn’t fooling anyone Jerod.


I am doing Cropwalk this year again for anyone interested in supporting that cause you can write a check to Cropwalk and send it to us at 2028 8th Street, Eau Claire, WI. I have been sick twice this semester already, once with the stomach flu and once with the traditional flu. It’s made it […]

My Sister Meg had a Girl Named Addison Grace

I am an uncle again! I really like the name Mitch and Meg chose for their daughter. They’re going to call her Addie for short. It’s been deader than a tumbleweed in outer space on this blog lately. Let’s get some news up.

Congratulations Beckers!

Looking forward to a post with a lot more details, but thanks, Toby, for the call with the announcement! FFFFIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRSSSSTTTT!!!!!!