So, uh, what’s we doin’ tonight, boys?

Just dreaming out loud here for a moment. There has been far too much time between visits and get togethers over the past couple of years. Understandable, of course. I am wondering what holiday plans might look like and if we dare dream up a kid-a-palooza event for somewhere down the road. There are too […]

Happy Father’s Day

Here we all are. Happy Father’s Day to all of you.

May your Christmas Spirit rival…

…Darth’s: Merry Christmas to all of my Hollow Souls!

Happy Thanksgiving

I hope you all have a great one. Sorry you’re not all arriving up here in the cold and snow this evening for a night of Asian food before we have the usual feast on Thanksgiving Day. Tradition looms large in memory.

Amazon Kindle

I got one. Anyone else? Care to muse and discuss? In this early stage with it, I’m finding the Kindle surprisingly readable and fun. In its way, it’s making reading "new." At the same time, I find myself gravitating toward nonfiction with it, rather than the more traditionally "literary" genres of fiction and (certainly) poetry. […]

Protected: Snow Day on Christmas

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Music Christmas Eve Thursday

Recorded live at KUT studios in Austin. kat-edmonson-christmas-time-is-here


I’m curious what all of your plans are for the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday. Of course, I always think back to our run of Thanksgivings and miss them. Jen, Beckett, and I will be going to Washington State to be with my parents and sisters. It should be great, and it will be nice to get […]

Keeping Up With

Eliot came home a couple of weeks ago and all of the sudden read me a book. It was quite a moment for me as you can imagine. We’re reading the Tale of Despereaux, which is better than the movie. I just finished reading a book of essays by Wendell Berry, entitled, The Way of […]


Oh the long tradition. Much regret we are not gathering together. Many good wishes and gratitude to all of you on this Thanksgiving. A lot to be thankful for this year. A raised glass to you.

Frightening Project

Ned, thanks for the quick examples of your take on the frightening theme.  About two weeks ago I started digging through my art from college because I had a hankering to start in on my work again.  I hadn’t looked at my work since college in many cases, and was surprised by what I thought […]

Frightening II: The Bear (Tentatively Titled)

Here’s my newest painting. You can also see it and a close-up on my website. The Bear refers to the market and who actually pays for our financial miscalculations – a weight no one can really carry. The text is Wordsworth’s "Lines in Early Spring." If you want to know how Toby influenced this painting, […]

Frightening Entry: I

So I was flipping through some files on my computer at work before I take off for MI, and I passed this sketch from an old sketchbook that I scanned into Photoshop. I have a bunch of these that I intended as chapter headings for a story I wrote. Here’s the first one done in […]


It’s October.  A few thoughts have seized my mind about posting some sort of collaborative challenge for the group.  I don’t mean to add to anyone’s burden but I thought it might be fun to participate in a sort of group exercise.  The poetry writing turned out really well during Beckett’s Baby Shower, and while […]

Happy Independence Weekend

Sara and I took the kids to the MN Science Museum to see the Star Wars exhibit. They had a lot of models and costumes from all the films. Eliot loved it, but he was so excited still after two hours that he wouldn’t be quiet in the Omnitheater. We also went to see Kungfu […]