YouTube Friday — The Hollow Men

So here I am at the McPherson Public Library buzzing on coffee from the Main St. Deli.  Now seems like an appropriate time to post Marlon Brando reading “The Hollow Men.” Enjoy if you dare.

Protected: Jerry (Updated)

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Science Monday — Female killer chimps

From BBC News: Female Chimps Can Become Killers Scientists in Scotland have discovered that female chimpanzees can be just as violent as their male counterparts. The St Andrews University psychologists found examples of female chimps killing the offspring of incoming mothers, previously regarded as a male trait. The Fife team has been studying chimps in […]

YouTube Friday — Giovanni Sollima (Part I and II)

Best stuff I’ve ever posted (outside of Charlie the Unicorn of course). DO NOT miss this work by 22-year-old director Lasse Gjertsen.

Protected: I’m an Uncle!

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Introducing Science Monday — “Where’s My Jetpack?”

For the next few Mondays I’m going to try to post a science related. Today I’ve expurgated Salon’s review of Daniel H. Wilson’s “Where’s My Jetpack”. You can also read the complete review but if you are not a Salon subscriber you may have to watch an advert. Staring out of my window in Manhattan’s […]

(The Last) Quotation Monday — Wilde

I’m bored with Quotation Monday. In honor of the last installment of this series tradition I present the venerable and oh so quotable Oscar Wilde: Quotation is a serviceable substitute for wit.

YouTube Friday — Tony vs. Paul

Do you guys know how much crap I have to watch to find something decent to post every Friday? YouTube is especially rife with bad stop motion animation. Today I present some of the good stuff. Both of these are pretty simple yet clever and well executed.

Part Time Developments

Some interesting changes I’d like to mention: First, Jen’s work has changed within Youth Venture. She is beginning to manage the global teams in Thailand and India, which is giving her an even more international scope. This means that Jen will need to travel to Asia probably two times a year. Hopefully I’ll be able […]

Blood Marrow Donation

I recieved this email from a dear freind of mine and rather than forward it I’ve decided to post it. Everyone needs some odd little cause to support, and this one’s mine. The National Marrow Donor Program, maintains a database of a whole slew of volunteer marrow donors. As you probably know, finding a match […]

Weekend Music T

A couple of tracks that have kept me going over the past week. 01 Aqualung | Cinderella 02 Aqualung | Outside 03 Until June | The Saddest Song 04 Until June | All I Have 05 Black Rebel Motorcycle Club | Weapon of Choice 06 Black Rebel Motorcycle Club | 666 Conducer The last choice, […]

Offset your footprint

I’ve found this site about a year ago, which most people here probably already know about: It allows you to calculate the amount of carbon you create in a year, advises on carbon reduction, and allows you to choose what projects you want to put your donation toward when you offset through CarbonFund. It […]

Another passing

I attended the funeral service yesterday for Bob Hapgood, Sr.  He was of course a neighbor of mine and the father to Tony and Bobby, childhood friends. His death was sudden and unexpected, but the result ultimately of a food habit. Bob had heart surgery several years ago and had a recent heart attack. As […]


YouTube Friday — Cabaret Mechanical Theatre

If I had no fiscal responsibility I would have bought an airplane ticket to London to see this show at Kinetica last month.   But I do.  So I didn’t. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to watch this video about a dozen more times.