Clinton? Obama? Someone Else?

I’ll just let the title to this post say, and ask, it all.


Jen and I had our twelve-week appointment this morning, and everything is looking good and healthy, I’m happy to report. We heard the baby’s heartbeat for the first time–a sound I have kept hearing since.We’re very excited, and glad to be beginning the second trimester, and enjoying this time of anticipation and what it means […]

Steven Pinker

Pinker has a quite good article in the NY Times. There isn’t too much new there, but it offers a good overview of some of the ideas of Moral Psychology and relates them to issues of the environment at the end. I’m glad that he brings up Peter Singer’s idea of the expanding circle of […]

A Book Not from 2007

I just finished the book Gilead, by Marilynne Robinson. I know, Shotts, you had recommended it to me a while ago, and my mother had suggested it before that even. It seems you both know what I will appreciate, certainly in this case. It really is difficult for me to describe how much reading that […]

A Book from 2007

I’m wondering why I am posting this, but for some reason feel compelled. Since I have been on the couch or in bed lately, I managed to read a bit. I just finished The Dream Life of Shukhanov by Olga Grushin. It was a terribly engaging book that takes place in real time over three […]

A Brief History of Violence

Thanks Ned for posting the Story of Stuff. I think that it is largely preaching to the choir (with emphasis on “preach”) on this blog but still it is good to know that there are people out there fighting the good fight. I’ve been thinking about these issues over the last few days. I hope […]

You Can Hear a Pin Drop on This Blog

Well, maybe not, but it has been pretty quiet. It was good to see Peters, and Toby, Steph, and Clara (at least for a few minutes) as well as speak with Shotts (as well as J.E. for a few minutes). I’d like to post a bunch of stuff, but I am afraid I don’t have […]

Books of 2007

For reasons known to all of you, 2007 was a year in which I read very few books (though I shouldn’t feel too bad as I’m sure I read about 1000% more the national average.) Anyway here’s my rundown. The View From the Center of the Universe by Joel Primack and Nancy Abrams may be […]

Music of 2007

Since I live the self proclaimed “Live Music Capital of the World” it is only right that my musical tastes have been largely influenced by what I’ve seen in concert. I’ve included YouTube links if you want to see concert footage of what I saw. It’s not my video but there’s always some fan with […]