This Hit Me of Late

In the Attic by Seamus Heaney 1. Like Jim Hawkins aloft in the crosstrees Of Hispaniola, nothing underneath him But still green water and clean bottom sand, The ship aground, the canted mast far out Above a seafloor where striped fish pass in shoals— And when they’ve passed, the face of Israel Hands That rose […]

Just Because I Love It

I have desired to go Where springs not fail, To fields where flies no sharp and sided hail And a few lilies blow. And I have asked to be Where no storms come, Where the green swell is in the havens dumb, And out of the swing of the sea.

Perhaps a Last Go Around with Potter

I managed to see the final installment of the Harry Potter films last night, and figured that nothing has lit up the blog in the past quite like debating Potter, the books, the films, the cultural relevance of the series. So, why not employ the Resurrection Stone and bring this conversation back. I’ll let this […]

Recurring Themes

Last night I came home late. Sara informed me the kids were asleep. When I went to kiss them goodnight, Eliot was missing from his bed. I found him in our bed with the reading lamp on and this in his hands.  

Decade’s Books

This should be a lively discussion…the quantity of books published in the last decade, and amount of time invested in reading them means there will be far less “shared” time with the same books as our fellow Hollow Men.

Amazon Kindle

I got one. Anyone else? Care to muse and discuss? In this early stage with it, I’m finding the Kindle surprisingly readable and fun. In its way, it’s making reading "new." At the same time, I find myself gravitating toward nonfiction with it, rather than the more traditionally "literary" genres of fiction and (certainly) poetry. […]


I finished Fahrenheit 451, Life Is a Miracle, as well as Midnight’s Children earlier this fall.


Thanks, JE, for hosting Amanda and me last weekend. We had a wonderful time and were thoroughly inundated with artistic inspirations at every turn. I left with more motivation to return to my artistic nature than I have felt in a super long time, it was good for my soul. I would like to incorporate […]

Speaking of new narrative forms

Peters may remember a friend of mine by the name of Jason Neulander, then Artistic Director of Salvage Vanguard Theater.  For the last decade or so he has been working on-again-off-again on The Intergalactic Nemesis.   It started as a radio show, then live performance, then comic book, and now live performance/comic book/online serial? The Intergalactic […]

“Eliot Calls Our Bluff”

For an amusing diversion, check out this link, provided I did it correct this time. Adam Rex’s Blog

Keeping Up With

Eliot came home a couple of weeks ago and all of the sudden read me a book. It was quite a moment for me as you can imagine. We’re reading the Tale of Despereaux, which is better than the movie. I just finished reading a book of essays by Wendell Berry, entitled, The Way of […]

A Few Good Hours

Over the last few weeks, I viewed the films Persepolis and Sweetland. I would highly recommend them both. They are very different films but both excellently conceived and executed lower budget projects. Both films are also slightly and refreshingly understated by today’s standards. I also just finished Rebecca Solnit’s “River of Shadows: Eadward Mubridge and […]

Atonement (The Book) and Other Books and Movies, and Ideas, etc.

1) I have read Atonement now. The book is different than the movie, the latter part being significantly different. I feel that it is more baffling than the movie too. I’m not sure what to make of it. I feel that McEwan is making a statement about how certain behaviors can not be made right […]

Atonement (The movie)

Sara and I managed to get out for a brief evening for my birthday (my Jesus year is over). We had a nice dinner and went to see Atonement. Things I liked about the film: 1) It is really quite subtle and actually relies entirely at certain points on the actors ability to communicate simply […]

Steven Pinker

Pinker has a quite good article in the NY Times. There isn’t too much new there, but it offers a good overview of some of the ideas of Moral Psychology and relates them to issues of the environment at the end. I’m glad that he brings up Peter Singer’s idea of the expanding circle of […]