Surfacing and Resubmerging

My apologies to all of my fine fellow Hollow Men.  I am making a short reappearance, and then will probably not be on much over the next week.  Steph’s finishing up her last semester of classes, and it makes it hard to do anything at the computer other than work.  I look forward to getting […]

Lindsborg Ice Storm


Poetry Post

It IS National Poetry Month, so I shouldn’t let it get away without a current Poetry Post. This one from fellow Kansan Albert Goldbarth, who teaches at Wichita State University and who is the only poet to have twice won the National Book Critics Circle Award in Poetry. This poem is from the “new” section […]

Public Service Announcement!

I meant to post these before all of your New Year festivities.  I fear by forgetting, I’ve done everyone a terrible wrong.  I’m surprised they don’t make these articles mandatory reading in schools now-a-days.  I posted them here, because you need to know!  Click on the thumbnails to read the full version.      Seriously, I didn’t realize things like […]

Music Thursday Live! in Eau Claire

Michael Pritzl is going to be playing in Eau Claire tonight.  He’s one of my favorite rock and rollers — and one of the few I’ve been listening to since high school.  This is his Christmas tour, and he’ll be playing some of my favorites (less rock and roll, more festive).  Go to the link above to hear […]

It’s Already Music Thursday

We’ve been blanketed in KC with snow today.  It’s wonderful.  Feel free to enjoy this week’s Music Thursday selections with a cup of hot chocolate.  Although, I’m sure it’s still damn hot down in J.E.’s Texas — where hot chocolate might not be as pleasant. By the way, I didn’t intend for last week’s mix to be […]

Come one and all.

OK, here’s the deal: We have been negotiating this to some extent and realize that we will not be able to please everyone.  We realize that not everyone will be able to work this into their schedules, as busy as they all are, but we would like very much to extend a welcome to the […]