Thanks, Shotts…

Every time I think of Coca-Cola, I think of The Blinks. Click on the image to go to the article. I do find this article fascinating, however, and am reminded how surrounded we are my technological marvels.  Collective miracles, since no one person holds the key to delivering a can of Coke.  There’s also a […]


I declare this the king of Goldberg machines: Cocaine + Corn= Our childhood dreams are a reality: The little red spot: J.E.’s next clock: The new Transformers movie is already obsolete: Nature already had it figured out:

500 kV Disconnect Switch Wednesday

Stand back. This is what 500,000 volts looks like when it’s angry.

Engineering Wednesday

Thanks for the Rolomite post Toby! In my opinion the blog over-represents nostalgia and doppelgangers to the exclusion of engineering and science. Here is my offering: The Fletcher Capstan Table. [quicktime width="320" height="260"][/quicktime]

Viva la Rolomite!

History is darkened by forgetting discoveries like this: Here’s more: