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Old Music Post

I’ve been listening to back catalogs lately.  I have the tendency to start in with an artist, and then move forward with them…a few exceptions (looking at you, Midnight Oil, Rush, U2, and Seventy Sevens).  So now I’m playing catchup.

I’ve been hitting this lately:

Sigur Ros


The latest Sigur Ros album has really grown on me, especially this track and the first one. I guess they have another album coming out in a few months. But this one is fine by me.

Commencing Countdown, Engines On

One of my favorite Bowie songs, made into a video that would have blown my 80’s MTV-watchin’ mind away.

Pale Green Ghosts

Another streaming album I discovered yesterday by John Grant, and haven’t listened to more than once.  However, what I heard makes me want to listen to it more.  It’s got complexities and textures to the songs…I found myself being won over by songs I didn’t think I liked at first by the end of the last notes.

I thought I shouldn’t be afraid to talk about it, as there are lots of people in my situation, who feel like outcasts in society, people who had addiction problems, who feel ashamed and unlovable because of it,” Grant said in a recent press release. “I want these people to know they have someone on a stage who is dealing with this too.

Let me know what you think about this, and I’ll try to add my own thoughts after I’ve had a chance to give it a listen.


American Kid


I’ve included her on some of the Memorial Day albums in the past, but Patty Griffin has a new album out today.  I found a link to a streaming version of it, and wanted to share it with you all.  Her songs grow on me — she’s the best type of songwriter in that her songs aren’t a “one-listen and discard” type.  It takes some long, attentive listens and road trips across Kansas to really become embedded in my life experience, giving a voice to bunch of emotions I didn’t even know I had until her songs came along.

Hope you enjoy this….

It’s Been a Long Time MT


MT can stand for Music Tuesday, too, you know….

The National is one band I keep coming back to, although I like High Violet, Boxer is the one on my steady-repeat list.

They’re releasing a new album in May, but I managed to snag one of the tracks and thought I’d share.


I hope this is a return to the blog for me.  I feel like I have things to say here that I don’t really feel like saying “in the crowd” on Facebook.

This Doesn’t Wear Well, but First Time Viewing is Fun…

Video here. Sara showed me this.

Speaking of Kila…

I don’t know that all of you have any history with this band, though most of you received an Irish cd at some point with some of their music on it. Their latest album is a series of slower, more sombre tunes, but their musicianship still shines. I thought the video was kind of pretty too.

Another Recommendation in the Vein of Ned

I’ve been listening to Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros, and think you guys might like the recommendation.  You can download some free tracks from their album here…including the song reinterpreted below.

I found them thanks to video below, one of the most endearing YouTube videos I’ve seen in a long time….  Hope I’m not overselling it.

I wish I could play a guitar, so I could do this with my kids….

Localities MT: Twin Cities


I thought I’d feature some music that I’ve discovered lately from each of our cities.  Peters may have to settle for Lawrence — I ‘m not sure if Lindsborg is churning out new music.  So I found this band called Now, Now (formerly Now, Now Every Children) and like their music quite a bit…catchy and light.  Hope you guys are in the mood for some of that today.  If you like these tracks, I recommend checking out some more of their wares.

01 Giants
02 Have You Tried
03 Little Brother
04 Neighbors

Pox on Our House Music Thursday


Clara is almost pox-free.  It’s so good we really don’t have to worry about the other poxes in our world too much anymore.

01 Damien Jurado & Richard Swift | If The Sun Stops Shinin’ (Chubby Checker)
02 Micah P. Hinson | Watchman Tell Us Of The Night
03 Sufjan Stevens | All Delighted People
04 Unkle (Ftg. Big In Japan) | The Answer
05 High Violets | Midnight’s Child

Unfamiliar Music Thursday

Cotton Jones — Tall Hours

I have to admit, I am unfamiliar with any of these artists previous to this week.  So I cannot attest to the longevity of the liking of these tracks — only that for a moment while working some melody within captured my short attention beyond the usual.  Enjoy?

01 Loveable Tulips | Fortune Favours The Brave
02 Amiina | What Are We Waiting For
03 Owen Pallett | Scandal At The Parkade
04 Aberfeldy | Malcolm
05 Cotton Jones | Sail Of The Silver Morning
06 Marco Mahler | Beautiful Monsters

Post Meridian MT


01 Belle And Sebastian | I Didn’t See It Coming
02 Interpol | Always Malaise (The Man I Am)
03 Klaxons | Echoes
04 Sad Day For Puppets | Sorrow Sorrow
05 She & Him | Brand New Shoes

Continuance Music Thursday


Here to serve. Enjoy the autumn.

01 Kyte | Designed for Damage
02 Air Formation | Distant Silhouettes
03 Unwinding Hours | The Final Hour
04 Frightened Rabbit | Living In Colour
05 Depreciation Guild | Blue Lily
06 Nina Nastasia | Outlaster

Scientists and Soldiers | MT


01 Sea of Bees | Skinnybones
02 Junip | Rope and Summit
03 Menomena | Dirty Cartoons
04 School of the Seven Bells | Windstorm

Bonus link by clicking on the photo.

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