Devil’s Backbone

Well, October has been a great month for me.  This past weekend, you all know what we were up to.  One weekend ago, some of my K-State friends congregated at our house for a reunion we have once a year, usually in the summer.  Two weekends ago I got the to enjoy the Ozark autumn, […]

A New Tradition

A new tradition was born as part of our weekend in Kansas City: bocce on the long lawn of the Nelson-Atkins Art Museum and Sculpture Garden. Or perhaps bocce anywhere we gather and have access to a servicable bocce set. Please go to for further information on the sport, its history, and its rules. […]

Feel Free to Do Likewise

I am sending this letter to both of my senators and all eight of my representatives. Feel free to use my letter for your own purposes, or make your own. Both of my senators are Jewish; so I am assuming the word genocide means somehting to them. I am also sending it to my very […]

A Moment of Hope

While many of you were whooping it up in Kansas City, Liz and I were at Putamayo’s Acoustic Africa Concert featuring Dobet Gnahoré from Ivory Coast, Habib Koité from Mali, and Vusi Mahlasela from South Africa. Liz and I have been long time fans of Habib Koité and like the last time we saw him […]

Fresh Find Music Thursday

This morning’s selection is a band I discovered this week.  I’ve been listening to these two tracks repeatedly.  I will probably head out to the store and pick up the album soon.  You can stream selections of their whole album here. Asobi Seksu | Citrus 01 Thursday 02 New Years There’s video below the jump (warning: it […]

Oh, and this too.

If you want to see a few (slightly blurry) images of the children’s book I illustrated for St. Vladimir’s Seminary Press, called The Man and the Vine, you can go to Scroll down below the search and find the catalog (PDF format). Clicking on this will bring up the catalog. The cover of the […]

Terrible Follow-Up

Here are some websites. One allows you to send an email to Bush and Kofi Annan, Secretary General of the U.N. (for just a bit longer before that South Korean guy, I forget his name takes over). Who knows what good it will do, but it can’t harm. You can edit the message if you […]


I recently saw an interview on Sixty Minutes in which an American doctor (working in Darfur, Sudan) accused the Bush administration of refusing to send in intervention forces because they were receiving information on Osama Bin Laden from the men in power. Osama apparently visited the current president to recruit men. When a German doctor […]

Ned’s Latest Landscape

Pinch posting for Gannon…. “[This is] my latest landscape in the on-going series. It is partially about layers, history, traces, and alteration.”

weirdest damned thing

For those who want a de ja vu moment- check this out:  I decided to check out what website out there bears my name and went to  I found a strikingly familiar website.  a blog that made me wonder if tob was running the universe, or if i was in an episode of Lost. […]

One week…

Looking forward to Kansas City and heading south where, presumably, it hasn’t snowed several times already. I wish I could say that were true for Minnesota. Tradition dictates that we will see a movie over the weekend, and tradition also dictates that we discuss in advance what movie we will watch. My vote goes to […]

Time Reversal Music Thursday

One of the great things about having your own blog is the ability to manipulate time.  Thus, without further ado, I give you Music Thursday once more…restored to Thursday!  My apologies to everyone for missing the usual Thursday music post.  The explanation is simple, I forgot it was Thursday until about 5:00pm last night.  By […]

Zero Percent

I told Toby a few weeks ago that there was an 80% chance that I could make to Kansas City. That was overly optimistic. I still can’t be gone for that weekend and now the plane ticket is $100 more than it was a month ago anyway. Hope you guys have a good time. And […]

Autumn Special Music Thursday

I bought this album a couple of years ago on a weekend where the leaves on the trees changed drastically.  I had a road trip through the back roads of Kansas and it was glorious.  Ever since, the following album has been synonymous with autumn.  (It joins the ranks of many a U2 album.) Doc […]

My Very Own Shame

Following suit, here’s a poem of mine. “They say not to anthropomorphize…” It is the sin we all commit, To make things in our image. But how can I empathize With you that have been shot, Burned, poisoned, demonized, Hunted, trapped, and hung for hides, Born into this Manifest demise. It is not human inclination […]