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Time Reversal Music Thursday

One of the great things about having your own blog is the ability to manipulate time.  Thus, without further ado, I give you Music Thursday once more…restored to Thursday! 

My apologies to everyone for missing the usual Thursday music post.  The explanation is simple, I forgot it was Thursday until about 5:00pm last night.  By that time, I was away from the computer for the day.  But never fear!  I have a very forgiving audience.

I’ve thought about the difficulty of finding a good to great album every week, and decided the longevity of Music Thursday would be severely compromised unless I developed a different tact.  So I am going to be highlighting individual songs that I’ve been listening to instead of whole albums.  This also helps me, because longer albums (like last week’s) are much more time consming to post, too.  So those factors influence my decision to roll back the curtain on this week’s new format.

The first couple of songs are by a band I heard while watching a new TV show (Heroes) and it caught me.  I scoured the internet and found out the song, and am now sharing with you.  The band is Rogue Wave.  I’ve been listening to their newest album Descended Like Vultures and it’s good.  I may even grab it and post it on Music Thursday someday.  The songs that follow aren’t actually from this album, but I loved the cover art.  “Eyes” is a single and “Kicking the Heart Out” is from their CD titled Out of the Shadow.


Rogue Wave | Descended Like Vultures

01 Eyes
02 Kicking the Heart Out


The second selection this week is part of a longer story.  To sum it up quickly, I got this album for free because of a mishap with an online music store.  The whole album isn’t fantastic, but a couple of the songs were blog-worthy.  Enjoy!

Silversun Pickups | Carnavas

04 Little Lover’s So Polite
10 Three Seed


  1. tobias

    I hope you guys liked this week’s entry! I hope by changing time, you guys didn’t miss it. What does everyone think of “Eyes?”

  2. Shotts


    I’m loving the two Rogue Wave tracks–and yes, “Eyes” is excellent. Classic pop kind of structure, catchy, but with some underlying layers. I’m glad to know it. Thanks for posting…

    …and keep the Music Thursdays coming. I think it’s a good notion to just post 2-3 songs or so each week. Do whatever you can, but your selections have so far been great.


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