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One week…

Looking forward to Kansas City and heading south where, presumably, it hasn’t snowed several times already. I wish I could say that were true for Minnesota.

Tradition dictates that we will see a movie over the weekend, and tradition also dictates that we discuss in advance what movie we will watch.

My vote goes to THE PRESTIGE, the new Christopher Nolan film, the director of MEMENTO and INSOMNIA and BATMAN BEGINS. Seems like a good bet, with an autumn and Halloween appropriateness. And seems like a good movie to discuss over a pint at Harry’s.

Any other contenders?

Also of note, U2 does have a new album coming out soon–U218 Singles–with 16 of their singles plus 2 new tracks, one in collaboration with Green Day on a cover of “The Saints Are Coming.” I’m assuming Toby will have the new tracks in their entirety, somehow found and downloaded.

It’s shaping up already to be a great weekend.



  1. Pete

    Yes, I concur, The Prestige looks like a winner. Batman vs Wolverine in a David Blaine vs David Copperfield-like duel. sounds great. would also like to see Flags of our Fathers and the Departed (especially after going to Boston’s north side recently). A guinness and lots of long, slow walks are also indicated. Looking forward to it all, my friends. we also should be discussing what is and isn’t tradition as part of the tradition. Tob- PeiWei on opening night? meets that foriegn/asian food requirement…jp

  2. Shotts

    Petes–Glad to have your agreement on The Prestige. I would see any of the others you mention too.

    And good call on the Asian food requirement, so I would go anywhere you and Tob point us toward.

    Walks, Guinness, tea/coffee/cocoa–all a given.


  3. tobias

    Jeff and Jeff,

    I, too, think the Prestige would be a great movie to see. It looks like a great period film, with a great cast and story. I’m all for it!

    I imagine taking it in on the theater at the Plaza, with a cup of hot LatteLand coffee in hand, chasing away the chill we’ve gotten from walking around the Plaza, or from the art museums nearby. Of course, we’ve got lots of other options, too…this is just the picture that forms as I think about it.

    I’ve also rented The Haunting through my online service, which is a great film for Halloween. However, one film for the weekend may be enough. But if we want a G-rated horror film (that scares me more than anything else I’ve seen) for Halloween, this is it!

    I’ve got the tea, coffee, cocoa…we’ll pick up some Guinness (I do have some extra Sam Adams’ Octoberfest, which a friend bought for me, in the fridge). Pei Wei the first night sounds great, but I’ll gather up some extra options too.

    The trail has been prepared for your arrival, so bring your walking shoes.

  4. Shotts

    Excellent, Toby! And thank you in advance for hosting. My vision matches yours, as far as time spent this weekend…

    See you Friday!


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