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You Existing As You

What are the chances of you coming into being?

Thanks, Shotts…

Every time I think of Coca-Cola, I think of The Blinks.

I'd Like to Buy the World...

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I do find this article fascinating, however, and am reminded how surrounded we are my technological marvels.  Collective miracles, since no one person holds the key to delivering a can of Coke.  There’s also a part of me that wonders if all this effort is worth it, too.  And what pittance I pay for a Coke…it seems like it is “worth” more — even if I’ve come to expect it cheaper than water, in some cases.

If You Think What’s Going On in WI Doesn’t Matter…

watch this.

Protected: I Could Use Some Moral Support

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Dillusions in Modern Primitivism

Friend of mine at the U directed me to this. Ridiculous, but poignant in a strange way. Watch this two part video.
Part 1
Part 2


in a sick sort of way… “May the Force be with you”.

Protected: I’m on day 32 of, hopefully, 45.

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Video on Education

I like where this is going…

Protected: Some Thoughts

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No Thanks

Thank You BP 001

Elvis Ate America


"Overman would be proud," I mumbled to myself after hearing the second Elvis song in a row at 8:05 yesterday morning.

Yup, he would be ecstatic that if there was one thing carried over from my high school education, that I could recall Elvis Presley’s birthday with minimal prompting would be it. So I thought about Elvis, quite a bit, in fact. He was hard to escape yesterday, his music on the agency’s sound system all day. I think I may have been growing a bouffant hairdo during this barrage on my sanity.

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My First Time.

So I posted a comment on the NY Times Ethics blog for the first time.
Here’s the connection to the article. I am post #194.

Click to go to article. It’s an interesting read.

Jim and Marty Harris

I posted this on facebook, but thought I would add a little here as well. I heard Jim Harris on NPR and if you view the website, you get a little insight into his life and work – amazing. But you don’t get all the war facts he dropped during the interview. It was shocking, to say the least, to hear how many countries the US has left in a disastrous state of disarray. He also mentioned that as a nation that has never had to rebuild from modern warefare, we are oblivious to the long and often dangerous process of reconstructing a country. It was a great interview and I am glad to know more about them. Great Wisconsinites…

Here’s the link…

Resurection (not the title of my painting but of my blog entry).

Perspective Prolems

This is from a series I am doing on animal/human territory collisions. Somewhat related to my painting Apex. This is a parking lot near the Eau Claire mall where I saw a fox darting between two SUVs that inspired this painting of a trio of foxes. There should be two more to come, but right now I am very busy painting muslims.

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