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My First Time.

So I posted a comment on the NY Times Ethics blog for the first time.
Here’s the connection to the article. I am post #194.

Click to go to article. It’s an interesting read.


  1. Ned

    I don’t know when or if my comment will be visible. It currently says it is in moderation.

  2. Ned

    Okay, I was entered at post 197.

  3. J.E.

    I’ve been away from the blog for a few days. Where do I click? What’s the URL?

  4. Ned

    I’m not quite as adept as Toby with the links so you actually have to click on the place where it says “posted on.” Or you can go into the original text and copy the URL from there.

  5. Tobias

    Hey Ned, I cleaned up your entry…hope it helps! I’m glad you entered they fray. However, in my short bursts of experience, the anonymity of comments can lead to a lot of frustrating replies from people. Hopefully the NYT site is better than most!

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