“Eliot Calls Our Bluff”

For an amusing diversion, check out this link, provided I did it correct this time. Adam Rex’s Blog

My First Time.

So I posted a comment on the NY Times Ethics blog for the first time. Here’s the connection to the article. I am post #194. Click to go to article. It’s an interesting read.

Francisco Part IX: Ned’s Second Segment

Francisco opened his eyes. Sand clung to his face, hands, and arms. He lay at the foot of a large heap of sand at the back of a construction site. The last thing he remembered from this sequence was with Rachael again. She had been sitting on his lap showing him how to convert a […]

Pete part 2

It was a muggy, rainy kind of day; not particulalrly cold, which made the chill Francisco experienced all the more suspect. Then it hit him, like he knew it would ultimately, but had hoped, prayed to himself that he might awaken from this exsistance and be back in the warm embrace of Rachael. And, yet, […]