Next stop, J.E.’s alley…

For some reason, I can easily imagine J.E.’s art interposed on this, and him cranking and flinging the trebuchet with glee.  I can imagine all of us doing this, but especially J.E. (I hope I don’t misrepresent). I hope you guys enjoy this web game as much as I did.  I finished it all in […]

Standing at the Threshold of the Fire Flower

This would have, like, cost us $1,000,000 twenty years ago. I found vNES online today.  It’s amazing how technology has gotten us to the point where something that brought so much excitement, sleepovers at Ned’s and Adam’s homes, and persistently sore thumbs could become so mundane and compact as to be virtualized on the net.  Available now, without having to blow […]