YouTube Friday

If you’re like most Hollow Men I know, you’re worried that you don’t exercise enough, don’t eat well and don’t have enough time to be creative. This man can help.

Protected: Harry Potter News

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Protected: Coming Soon…

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Summer Approaches…

It is actually 70 degrees here in Minnesota. Which means we only have three or four more snow storms before summer arrives. That got us thinking… Are any and all of you interested in coming to Minnesota for a weekend at the Aspengren lake place? After talking previously with J. E. and Toby about this, […]

Spring (and All) Poetry Post

A necessary poem from William Carlos Williams for our first weekend of spring. –Shotts Spring and All By the road to the contagious hospital under the surge of the blue mottled clouds driven from the northeast-a cold wind. Beyond, the waste of broad, muddy fields brown with dried weeds, standing and fallen patches of standing […]

Old Music Thursday

Liz and I just got home from another concert: Trio Medieval. I think you’ll like. The concert was great once everyone remembered to turn off their cell phones. I wish I could hear a performance in a small chapel or the like but it was good to hear music without any amplification — just three […]

Dis’n’dat Music Thursday

I’m about to let you behind the scenes a bit on my music posting habits.  I begin with gathering songs from trusted music blog sites (other than Hollow Men — a Trusted Music Blogging Site in its own right), my own collection, borrowed tracks from “friends,” and tracks sent to me in the mail by promoters.  I then […]

Post Omnibus

This is my official return to the blog. (pause for applause.) 1) Our house is on the market now and we’ve had some stong interest already. I’ll post the MLS listing as soon as it is available. 2) I came across the painting below, Gasthof zur Muldentalsperre by Peter Doig, in an old issue of […]

Saint Patrick’s Poetry Post

  Two poems for you this Saint Patrick’s Day weekend. The first from Seamus Heaney, his ars poetica. The second from Nuala Ni Dhomhnaill, about her decision to write in the Irish language, followed by an English translation by Paul Muldoon. Slainte! –Shotts Personal Helicon for Michael Longley As a child, they could not keep […]

Stuck in my Head Music Thursday

Okay, I found this album in my mailbox about two weeks ago (thanks TL).  It’s been on heavy rotation in my car and office — it’s catchy, and a couple of the tunes instantly stuck.  It’s kinda like the black symbiote Spidey suit, but instead of giving me unending webbing, it whistles tunes in my head. I have […]

Protected: In the Shadow of Music Thursday

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Poetry Post

Here’s a brief poem by one of my teachers, Mary Jo Bang. –Shotts The Cruel Wheel Turns Twice And tightens until language can’t bear this Hollowing, crash cart, Please. In the silence, A bus slithers by A din. The aluminium morning moves like a train, A metal rod Exiting a tunnel, dropped in a gate […]

Recommended: EITS

On Sunday, taking a break from home renovations, I saw Explosions In the Sky at Hogg Auditorium. Highly recommended. There are still tickets available for the Minneapolis show later this month but, alas, the Bottleneck is sold out. Check out the review.

Protected: Written Over a Hundred Years Ago But Never More True Than Today

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Protected: Fasting, More Fasting, Gilligan, Etc.

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