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Stuck in my Head Music Thursday

Okay, I found this album in my mailbox about two weeks ago (thanks TL).  It’s been on heavy rotation in my car and office — it’s catchy, and a couple of the tunes instantly stuck.  It’s kinda like the black symbiote Spidey suit, but instead of giving me unending webbing, it whistles tunes in my head.

I have provided the catchiest of the catchy below, so they can also be stuck in your head.   Then when we call each other we can communicate by whistling the tunes.

Click on the links below, if you dare…. 

Peter, Bjorn and John | Writer’s Block

01 Young Folks
02 Amsterdam
03 Up Against the Wall (probably my favorite pick — I love songs that build)
04 Paris 2004


I also found this nifty new online service called Slacker.  They have a special SXSW channel, so you can tune in to some of the bands in J.E.’s part of the world this week.


  1. Shotts

    Peter, Bjorn and John are excellent. I got into them through my old friend Paul Winner and my friends up here Erin and Jeremy. So the good word must be getting round…

    Thanks, Tob–


  2. J.E.

    PB & J are getting quite a bit of airplay here in Austin. Big at South By.

    Personally, I can’t get enough of “Amsterdam.”

  3. J.E.

    “J. E. goes to Ikea store,
    put a little money into furnishings,
    prices so low.
    So low.”

    We spent a couple of hours at Ikea today. Meatballs, lingonberry spritzer; the whole bit.

    “Amsterdam” never left me.

    Amster-damn you Toby.

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