Lock, Stock and Pickpocket

Another interesting article from the New Yorker.  It’s really amazing how good one can get, almost to the point of it being magical, when you solely focus on one skill for your entire life. And here’s a video of his talent on display:


Is anyone still watching LOST? Toby, Peters? I have still only watched seasons one and two, but season three is soon out on DVD. Is it worth putting on my Netflix queue, or has the whole series jumped the shark by now? I haven’t heard much talk about the show lately, so I’m getting the […]

Mental Health Monday

OK, so here is my first post in a while- a two-parter. I have recently been thinking in systems theories, particularly as they partain to groups like ours. How closely does life imitate art, I ponder. In a system, each part of that system serves a function and hopefully the whole of the system is […]

Mew Music Thursday

This week’s picks for Music Thursday come from a band out of Copenhagen (Mew) and a cover of a Spoon song by Rock Kills Kid.  I’ve been listening to some of RKK and been a fan of what I’ve heard so far, but this rendition of Turn My Camera On is fantastic.  I don’t even like the […]

Scandanavian-flavored Friday

Here’s a couple of bonus videos from a band that I have been listening to this week.  The band is called Royksopp, they’re from Norway.  They’re a little disco and remind me a bit of a cross between Sigur Ros and Gorillaz.  Hmmm, maybe not quite…but they do remind me of someone, but I can’t quite […]

It’s About Time for Another Video


I recently saw an interview on Sixty Minutes in which an American doctor (working in Darfur, Sudan) accused the Bush administration of refusing to send in intervention forces because they were receiving information on Osama Bin Laden from the men in power. Osama apparently visited the current president to recruit men. When a German doctor […]

Sister Choreographer

You guys might have seen these before, but those who haven’t I think it’s worth putting it up.  Ok Go is the band, and legend goes, their sister is a choreographer who helped them out on the first video.  They distributed this first one on burned Cds at their concerts and it spread. The second […]


I realize this comment will be lost on many of you, but it is time to make my annual appeal. I know TV ranks very low in most of our lists, but I have one guilty pleasure I wait all year for, the TV series, Lost. Tob, help me out here. Sept.27 is the first […]

Is Hasslehoff this generation’s Shatner?

Think about it, folks.  Cheesy, campy, self-agrandising, astonishingly sub-par musical talent, a huge, I mean huge, cult following. Amanda pointed this out to me.  I think it rings true.   I noticed today that a real cool looking building in town here is for sale.  It is the old baptist church building. I think you can […]