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Month: November 2010


in a sick sort of way… “May the Force be with you”.

Happy Thanksgiving

I hope you all have a great one. Sorry you’re not all arriving up here in the cold and snow this evening for a night of Asian food before we have the usual feast on Thanksgiving Day. Tradition looms large in memory.

Laugh ‘til I cried….


The best of Damn You Autocorrect.

Localities MT: Twin Cities


I thought I’d feature some music that I’ve discovered lately from each of our cities.  Peters may have to settle for Lawrence — I ‘m not sure if Lindsborg is churning out new music.  So I found this band called Now, Now (formerly Now, Now Every Children) and like their music quite a bit…catchy and light.  Hope you guys are in the mood for some of that today.  If you like these tracks, I recommend checking out some more of their wares.

01 Giants
02 Have You Tried
03 Little Brother
04 Neighbors

Pox on Our House Music Thursday


Clara is almost pox-free.  It’s so good we really don’t have to worry about the other poxes in our world too much anymore.

01 Damien Jurado & Richard Swift | If The Sun Stops Shinin’ (Chubby Checker)
02 Micah P. Hinson | Watchman Tell Us Of The Night
03 Sufjan Stevens | All Delighted People
04 Unkle (Ftg. Big In Japan) | The Answer
05 High Violets | Midnight’s Child

New Work 2

Here’s a work I did called Tiger in My Soup for an SCBWI conference.


Tiger in My Soup

New Work

Here’s a new image in the TINAW series, called Prowler.


TINAW Prowler

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