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Fortunately, our writing is much better than these contest winners! However, these provide a wonderful laugh. Bulwer-Lytton Contest Winners For all lovers of good writing, here are this year’s winners of the Bulwer-Lytton contest, (aka “It Was a dark and Stormy Night” Contest) run by the English Department of San Jose State University, wherein one […]

Effects of the Flood

The Flood produced the newest showing from the Editors.  It’s a lot more electronic, and it’s taken me a couple of listenings, but Editors still know how to write and craft great music. Here are some of my favorites from In This Light & on This Evening. 01 In This Light And On This Evening […]

Protected: A Magic Number

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Next stop, J.E.’s alley…

For some reason, I can easily imagine J.E.’s art interposed on this, and him cranking and flinging the trebuchet with glee.  I can imagine all of us doing this, but especially J.E. (I hope I don’t misrepresent). I hope you guys enjoy this web game as much as I did.  I finished it all in […]

Sketchbook Fridays

I know there has been a flurry of activity lately that we can hardly respond to but I wanted to keep this up (at least for now).    This was the result of some accidents playing with ink recently.

Triple-T Music Thursday

The Temper Trap | Conditions 01 | Love Lost 02 | Rest 03 | Sweet Disposition 04 | Fader

Decade’s Art

  I suppose this could category could designate different things for different people. It could mean art or shows that you’ve seen in the past decade, art that’s been created in the last decade, performing arts, movements in art, news about the arts, etc. I used a photo of Kara Walker’s artwork, because I think […]

Beat Boxing is Fun

Matisyahu – One Day WNYC Studio with Beat Boxing

Extracurricular Music Thursday

It’s not Thursday, but I’ve been meaning to post this for about a month. I heard the following interview and performance with Patrick Watson and the Wooden Arms on NPR in early December.  It was a fantastic piece, but for some reason I thought it would totally be up Ned’s Alley.  Not that I’m all […]

Decade’s Books

This should be a lively discussion…the quantity of books published in the last decade, and amount of time invested in reading them means there will be far less “shared” time with the same books as our fellow Hollow Men.

Decade’s Movies

  The title says it all.  What are your favorites from the 2000’s?

Gorgeous Stop Motion Peter and the Wolf

Has anyone seen this? I watched it in four parts after discussing The Fantastic Mr. Fox with my sister. It’s absolutely worth the twenty minutes (even if full grown wolves don’t have blue eyes). Here’s the link to part one: Peter and the Wolf

Elvis Ate America

"Overman would be proud," I mumbled to myself after hearing the second Elvis song in a row at 8:05 yesterday morning. Yup, he would be ecstatic that if there was one thing carried over from my high school education, that I could recall Elvis Presley’s birthday with minimal prompting would be it. So I thought […]

Decade’s Music

Alright, let’s hear of your choices for the best music of the decade.  Serious contenders?  Personal favorites?  Guilty pleasures?


  Years, that is.  It’s the anniversary of Galileo discovering Io, Europa, Ganymede, and Callisto orbiting Jupiter. Read more about it here and here.