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Decade’s Movies


The title says it all.  What are your favorites from the 2000’s?


  1. Pete

    This is crazy-making, Toby. Almost too big and broad to wrap my thoughts around. here are some movies in not particular order I have been impacted by in the last decade:
    1. Paradise Now.
    2. Amelie
    3. There will be Blood
    4LOTR Trilogy
    5. Memento
    6Wallace and Grommit and the Curse of the Ware-Rabbit
    7The Dark Knight
    8Casino Royale
    9Children of Men
    10 Royal Tenenbaums
    10oh Brother Where Art Thou?
    10 Gladiator
    10 Incredibles
    10 Million Dollar Baby
    10 Pan’s Labyrinth
    10 Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless mind
    10Cast Away
    10The Prestige
    10 Kill Bill vol’s 1 and 2
    10 The Prestige

    There, as you can see, I have found a way to stay somewhat within your “rules”. There are of course, many others. Many were probably most influenced by the company I was in when I saw them. Of course, if this were the soul factor, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Chrystal Skull would have been one of the best. Take them for what they are.

  2. Tobias

    I made no rules, you can have as many favorites as you want! Of course, I suggest enlisting brevity otherwise it seems…a little watered down.


  3. Ned

    I think that a list from 0 – 9 would be odd since you can’t have a number 0. Therefore, 1-10 offers a numerical sequence that includes all of our numerical digits and therefore feels more complete than 1-7 or less arbitrary than 1-13. That’s my input on the ten lists trend. Here’s my input on the movies.

    1) Wit (One of my all time favorites)
    2) Whale Rider
    3) Winged Migration*
    4) The Wolf That Saved America*
    5) Taxi to the Dark Side*
    6) The Triplets of Belville
    7) Harry Potter and the Prisnoer of Azkaban
    8) Water
    9) Children of Men
    10) The Class
    11) Kandhar
    12) Gone Baby Gone
    13) Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon
    14) A Very Long Engagement
    15) LOTR
    * Designates Documentary

    Runners Up:
    Slumdog Millionaire
    The Visitor
    The Constant Gardener
    Lord of War
    Inside Man
    Osama (This film is one of the most disturbing I’ve ever seen).
    Eternal Sunshine Etc.
    Men With Guns (not actually sure when this John Sayles film came out).
    The Dinner Guest
    The Boxer

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