Happy Thanksgiving

Always good memories on this day, especially, gentlemen. Amazing to think of those Thanksgivings hosted in saintly cities. Hope your holidays have all been great, with good ones yet ahead. And very soon forty. Happy Thanksgiving! A raised toast to you all!

New Sigur Ros takes a new, percussive direction.


Just Because I Love It

I have desired to go Where springs not fail, To fields where flies no sharp and sided hail And a few lilies blow. And I have asked to be Where no storms come, Where the green swell is in the havens dumb, And out of the swing of the sea.

This Could Have Been Us

I don’t know about you guys, but I feel like this article could have been written about us, in a mirror universe. Where instead of Thanksgiving, we resorted to a heinous act to fill our idle time. It’s the work of the devil, I tell you. Thank goodness for our Hollow Men meetings, on the […]

So Good

Love These Guys


Good memories of good Thanksgivings. Hope you all have great holidays.

Recent Sightings

Just putting in a post to say it has been excellent in recent weeks to see Toby and his family, Peters and his family, and Ned and his family. It was also emotional to me at last to bring our boys up to Coronado Heights. I see some hollowness in them already…


Any chance Peters or Toby will be available for some catch-up time Saturday or Sunday? Sara and I have decided that we are going to hear Jerry Bowen at the Bretheren church on Sunday morning.


Who are you talking to? she asks, the room empty. -Nick Flynn

Concerning the McPee Reunion

It looks as though I will likely be in McPee for the 20 year reunion. Sara has been talking to Jantz who will be there so let me know what’s going on. I’d much rather sit around with all of you than with a few classmates I don’t know so well. Toby, you’d better show […]

And here’s another actual music video that’s really got some fun animation/live action combinations.

Good Stuff, anyone…?

A new

by a band called, Of Monsters and Men. How am I not supposed to like these lyrics. “The wolf, the wolf and I We share the same cold meal. I float on, I float on down. We ride, we ride, we ride, We ride it all out. […]

Jumping Ship?

I started a blog. Here’s the link.