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Summer Approaches…

It is actually 70 degrees here in Minnesota. Which means we only have three or four more snow storms before summer arrives. That got us thinking…

Are any and all of you interested in coming to Minnesota for a weekend at the Aspengren lake place? After talking previously with J. E. and Toby about this, it seems a non-holiday weekend would work best for many of us. That said, let us know if this sounds fun and if there’s a good weekend that you could take the drive or flight up this way. It would be terrific to have you.

Jen’s parents’ place is great–four bedrooms, two bathrooms, very family friendly. There’s a good kitchen too, a nice patio for outdoor lounging, and they have a dock in the lake with boat and jetski. Lots of fun things to do in the little town of Elysian, MN, about one mile away. There are great paved bike and running trails that run for miles.

No HUGE rush, but if we’re thinking of doing this in early June or some such we should begin making plans so we can all get it on the calendar.


  1. J.E.

    Sounds great! How about early August? Our June is kinda cramped.

  2. Ned

    We’re definitely interested. We’re waiting to see when Sara’s mother will plan her grandmother’s suprise ninetieth birthday. It will probably be in June sometime. Eliot has mentioned the “Lake House” many times now. We’d hate to miss.

  3. Tobias

    The dates we’re available are Friday evening through Sunday evening noon for the weekends of June 8th, 15th, 22nd and July 6th.

    Hopefully one of these dates can work for the group, otherwise feel free to plan accordingly and we can join another year.

    Jeff, thanks for the invite. We really appreciate the offer and your and Jen’s hospitality in hosting!

  4. Shotts

    Thanks for the responses. We’re leaning toward sometime in June, actually, which I hope won’t be totally problematic.

    Thanks for your specific dates, Tob. That’s helpful. I know July 6th won’t work for us or around the summer holidays (like July 4th). It looks like we’ll be visiting my parents in Washington State sometime in mid-July.

    J.E., Ned (and Peters, if you’re still logging on and commenting)–please post if there are any dates that certainly WON’T work for you, as you are able.

    We’ll talk more here and try to throw out a date in the next few days. Good to have some enthusiasm around gathering this summer…

  5. J.E.

    If June works better for everyone else I think we’ll be able to work something out. Post a date and let’s see what happens.

  6. J.E.

    Lets set a date ASAP before anyone lays claim to a weekend. We’re building a show in June and we’re planning on visiting family as well. I think Liz and I will be able to work it out but a firm date would be helpful.

  7. Shotts

    OK, then, to throw something out: Friday, June 15-Sunday, June 17.

    What say you?

  8. Tobias

    That works for us!

  9. Ned

    Jeff and Jen,
    We’re still waiting to hear about Sara’s grandmother’s birthday party, but I say let’s book and we’ll try to make it. I know Eliot is excited!

  10. J.E.

    I think we can make it work. Nobody has father’s day engagements?

  11. Shotts

    Thanks for these responses. I will confirm these dates (June 15-17) this week, if at all possible. But let’s try to work toward that weekend, for those who are interested and can make it.

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