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Day: October 20, 2006

weirdest damned thing

For those who want a de ja vu moment- check this out:  I decided to check out what website out there bears my name and went to  I found a strikingly familiar website.  a blog that made me wonder if tob was running the universe, or if i was in an episode of Lost. I am serious give this thing a try before it changes up.  strange.

One week…

Looking forward to Kansas City and heading south where, presumably, it hasn’t snowed several times already. I wish I could say that were true for Minnesota.

Tradition dictates that we will see a movie over the weekend, and tradition also dictates that we discuss in advance what movie we will watch.

My vote goes to THE PRESTIGE, the new Christopher Nolan film, the director of MEMENTO and INSOMNIA and BATMAN BEGINS. Seems like a good bet, with an autumn and Halloween appropriateness. And seems like a good movie to discuss over a pint at Harry’s.

Any other contenders?

Also of note, U2 does have a new album coming out soon–U218 Singles–with 16 of their singles plus 2 new tracks, one in collaboration with Green Day on a cover of “The Saints Are Coming.” I’m assuming Toby will have the new tracks in their entirety, somehow found and downloaded.

It’s shaping up already to be a great weekend.


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