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Thanks, JE, for hosting Amanda and me last weekend. We had a wonderful time and were thoroughly inundated with artistic inspirations at every turn. I left with more motivation to return to my artistic nature than I have felt in a super long time, it was good for my soul. I would like to incorporate one of my current creative thoughts/challenges with the group. My proposal is that we craft a worthy children’s story with animation, a good message/lesson (perhaps like a fable) that would be timeless in nature and be something that our children would incorporate into their lives and share with their children. I recognize the huge undertaking here, but I think we definately have the talent between the lot of us to put something together. I have seen middle school projects where their work has been made into quality hardback form. Perhaps we could find something like this and have nicely bound copies that could be in each of our homes. I would think the logical place to start would be with the story’s arc and outline. I would like to extend this challenge to each of you. I would really like to be able to share the collective wisdom of our friendships with my child/children. So, who’s with me? Any thoughts about characters and stories?

On a second note- I am going to do some work on a graphic novel (semi-inspired by Maus) based on a character I will call Promi the Squirell, who steals a flaming marshmallow from a suburban fire pit. My initial sketches ceertainly aren’t of the caliber of Ned’s but, whacha gonna do?


  1. Ned

    Good to hear you’re pursuing your creative notions and needs, Peters. I am curating a show for Foster Gallery at UWEC next semester of illustrators who write their own stories. It includes some fabulous creators.

    I would be game for whatever the group decides, and I would be happy to throw ideas out, write, or make pictures.

  2. Shotts

    I’m glad to hear it must have been a great gathering in Austin last weekend. I imagine J.E.’s bookcases are impressive…

    Sounds like you have been inspired, Peters. That’s always good to hear, and glad to have you write that on the blog. Your idea could be interesting–though I think “group writes” like you’re suggesting are difficult, logistically. But I’m certainly interested, and would be glad to participate in whatever way I can.

    Here’s one idea, but it’s really for Ned: I’d love to see Ned do kind of a graphic rendition in panels or on canvas, or whatever medium would most suit, of Eliot’s “The Hollow Men.” It’s a long enough poem that an artistic/graphic rendering would feel fulsome, and it’s an elusive enough poem to allow the artist a lot of room for his or her own creativity, even within Eliot’s language. I suspect something like this has been done, and perhaps many such versions, but just throwing that out to Ned. (I know, I know: just what you need: another project idea.)

  3. J.E.

    Re guarding the group write, it is an intriguing idea, but you’ll have to get us started Peters. May I suggest a google document that we can all edit?

  4. Pete

    I would suggest that we start with a set of characters. I would say we should begin the conversation with what sort of characters might they be, animals perhaps, and if animals, what animals? perhaps marmonts who, gain the courage to travel down the mountain. perhaps a reverse jack-and-the-beanstalk idea.

  5. Ned

    I did some images at KCAI of Eliot’s HM years ago.

    They were sorely in adequate.

    I would be willing to try again.

    There is an image, that you’ve all seen, with Wordsworth’s “Lines Written in Early Spring” on my website. So if I can blaspheme Will, I can blaspheme Tom…

    I will be happy to use google documents, but if I have to keep track of any more passwords, I may not be able to edit it.

  6. Pete

    I have no idea how to set up a google doc. sorry, I am lame

  7. J.E.

    There are good instructions at the google doc site. If you have a google address it’s linked to your email password. If not, then you can sign up and just use whatever password you normally use for your email — at least that’s what I do.


  8. Tobias

    I’m up for this too…I’ve used Google Docs and it’s easy. A good way to collaborate on things. Peters, are you still interested in taking the lead on this?

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