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Offset your footprint

I’ve found this site about a year ago, which most people here probably already know about: www.carbonfund.org

It allows you to calculate the amount of carbon you create in a year, advises on carbon reduction, and allows you to choose what projects you want to put your donation toward when you offset through CarbonFund. It also lists partners in the project, which may be a determining factor when you buy your next computer, bike rack, or CD – another way to offset your footprint. Something worth considering.


  1. Liz

    I’ve been meaning to look into this – thanks for making it easier for me!

  2. Ned

    Yes; thanks for posting this. I read through most of the sites. It’s interesting to note what you can do. I didn’t find the part of the site that lists participating manufacturers, however. What link or heading is that part under?

  3. J.E.

    My quantitative side relishes calculating my exact carbon footprint.

    I’d like to see more information about how the price of a ton of carbon is determined. The calculators are a bit opaque. Still, a very clever way to spur people to donate to important causes.

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