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My Sister Meg had a Girl Named Addison Grace

I am an uncle again! I really like the name Mitch and Meg chose for their daughter. They’re going to call her Addie for short. It’s been deader than a tumbleweed in outer space on this blog lately. Let’s get some news up.


  1. Shotts

    That’s great news, Ned. Good uncling to you. Speaking of which, we have our neice Belle and Jen’s sister Megan staying with us this weekend.

    I agree that the blog has been the quietest it ever has. I hope we get some photos of the new Becker before long, and I don’t believe Peters has posted or commented in about two months.

    The chair of the English Department observed my class last Monday, and that went very well. Had a sort of “review” on Thursday, and that was very helpful and positive. I’m really enjoying the class and teaching, all in all. I’m a bit pulled in two directions, timewise, between the class and Graywolf, but we’re almost at the midterm already. There is no class for me to teach at Macalester in the spring, so will have to figure out what I should focus on, in addition to my three days a week (plus travel and events, etc.) for Graywolf.

    Full-blown fall up here the last couple of weeks–really beautiful, though strange that it was 80 degrees here last Saturday and Sunday and now we’re getting highs in the mid to upper 50s. I can see where Al Gore deserves that Nobel Peace Prize…

    I hope you’re all thriving.

  2. Ned

    I wouldn’t mind seeing Gore make a run for it. Though, I could see myself in line with some of what Obama and Edwards say too. I was glad to see them both speak out against the increasing tensions with Iran. I imagine that the race will kick into high gear by March of 08.

  3. Shotts

    I don’t think Gore will run, especially now. He’s too successful and now powerful outside of a political position, and he knows it. Frankly, he might be accomplishing more outside of politics than he did while in office. And with Hilary Clinton in the race, and leading the race, I’d be surprised if he wanted to challenge that. I like Gore, perhaps more than ever, but I hope he continues to do good work outside of politics–we need more visible people like that. And why go through all of that again?

    Yes, the 08 election feels like it should be THIS November, not next. I wish it were such that no one could say they were running until January 1 of the calendar year of the election proper. As it is, it feels like the campaigns are two years long, which feels interminable to me, and also just seems needlessly expensive.

    Saw the documentary “Jesus Camp” last night, which is quite interesting but feels already a bit dated in terms of the politics it’s responding to. Still, compelling and intriguing and sad in its ways, and also unfortunately fodder for those on the coasts to think that everyone from the Middle West is a fundamentalist evangelical. That doesn’t help, in my opinion, however close to true it may or may not be.

    Enjoying fall–just beautiful here. Will be raking leaves next weekend.

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