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John Estes has a book of poetry out.

We got a post card from Finishing Line Press (www.finishinglinepress.com) that announced the publication of John Estes’ (Jennifer’s husband) first book of poetry. You can find it in the new releases section on the website. I’d be interested to hear what you know about the press, Shotts. I’m going to order a copy. I’d also appreciate it if anyone has the Estes’ new email address to send it to me, or post it here, protected I suppose. Sara had tried to contact them recently but failed to get ahold of them because of their address change. John teaches at Columbia in MO so I suppose we could find him there. His book is called “Breakfast with Blake at the Laocoon. Perhaps the rest of you got the card as well.

The Ivory Tower

I’m writing this post from my new office at Macalester College. It feels right now rather incredible to be here, even just for one semester, teaching one class. And it’s exciting and a little daunting to have an office in the department and the building where I used to take classes myself, meet with professors and advisers, and generally skulk. It’s a little like Hagrid finally getting his chance to teach at Hogwarts.

So I’m busy on my Thursdays and Fridays away from Graywolf–preparing my syllabus, creating assignments, and fretting in positive ways about the fall semester. I’m sort of giddy to be back on a campus, right across from the library and chapel, and around some of the bustle that’s already starting to take place. My class doesn’t start until September 10, so luckily I have some time yet. It will be a great experiment to be back in the classroom again, and I’m feeling like it’s a great time to return to it. And with just a one-class appointment, it’s not a huge loss if it all doesn’t go perfectly–so in it’s way, it’s nice to have some pressure off.

Meanwhile, I’m trying to get some writing in and some freelance editing to try to make up some of my reduced salary. This seems like a much healthier schedule for me, and I’m finding myself happier even than I thought I’d be at taking a step back from Graywolf. Here’s to good things ahead.

Back in St. Louis

Jerry has taken a bit of a bad turn in the last couple of days. He has pneumonia an infection. Also, the pain from the surgery has been difficult to manage since the staff don’t want him on narcotics when he has pneumonia. J.E. is en route to St. Louis for an unknown amount of time. Hopefully Jerry will make it through this crisis soon – I fear his spirits are low right now.

Minneapolis Bridge Collapse

Just a quick post this morning from Minneapolis. Front page news everywhere is the bridge collapse of I-35W in downtown–four confirmed dead, sixty injured, and twenty still missing, as of this writing. A very sad scene here. Jen and I and our friends and family are all accounted for, though it’s hard to call that good news. More news will undoubtedly come from this catastrophe.

Thanks, Ned, for calling last night, and J.E. and Liz for your kind messages this morning. I hope all is well with you all.

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