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The Ivory Tower

I’m writing this post from my new office at Macalester College. It feels right now rather incredible to be here, even just for one semester, teaching one class. And it’s exciting and a little daunting to have an office in the department and the building where I used to take classes myself, meet with professors and advisers, and generally skulk. It’s a little like Hagrid finally getting his chance to teach at Hogwarts.

So I’m busy on my Thursdays and Fridays away from Graywolf–preparing my syllabus, creating assignments, and fretting in positive ways about the fall semester. I’m sort of giddy to be back on a campus, right across from the library and chapel, and around some of the bustle that’s already starting to take place. My class doesn’t start until September 10, so luckily I have some time yet. It will be a great experiment to be back in the classroom again, and I’m feeling like it’s a great time to return to it. And with just a one-class appointment, it’s not a huge loss if it all doesn’t go perfectly–so in it’s way, it’s nice to have some pressure off.

Meanwhile, I’m trying to get some writing in and some freelance editing to try to make up some of my reduced salary. This seems like a much healthier schedule for me, and I’m finding myself happier even than I thought I’d be at taking a step back from Graywolf. Here’s to good things ahead.


  1. Shotts


    Also, thought I would mention that Jen and I have gone T-Mobile, for better or for worse. My new mobile number is 612-232-6626. But always best to try me in the evenings first at home: 612-722-4179.

  2. J.E.

    Very good Shotts old boy. I wish you the greatest success. May your skulk become a swagger.

  3. Ned

    Thirddd! Sounds delightful.

  4. Shotts

    Thanks to you both. Ned, I realize this sense of preparation, teaching, the campus life, etc. is part of your life cycle pretty directly, so this must seem sort of naive. Same in truth goes for J.E., who is as much a teacher at UT in the Theater Department. Well, still, worth sharing the feeling…

  5. Ned

    Macalester has a bit more of an aura surrounding it than UWEC, but we do have a very beautiful campus, especially in the fall. Did you know that my uncle Grael attended Macalester before going to Harvard? You must also feel a bit of pride returning to your alma mater on the other side of things.

  6. Shotts

    What you’ve shown me of UWEC, Ned, it’s very nice–and fall is just another five or six weeks away, at least for the North.

    Interesting about Grael–I didn’t know he had some Macalester ties, though it sounds like he didn’t stick around for long.

    Yeah, I think the aura I’m feeling is less about Macalester but more about returning to my alma mater. I’m trying to remember the realities, however, of needy students, grading, filling three-hour seminar-style classes, and the like. I imagine the aura will wax and wane all semester…

  7. Ned

    Grael graduated with a history degree from Macalester and then got his masters of divinity from Harvard.

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