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Minneapolis Bridge Collapse

Just a quick post this morning from Minneapolis. Front page news everywhere is the bridge collapse of I-35W in downtown–four confirmed dead, sixty injured, and twenty still missing, as of this writing. A very sad scene here. Jen and I and our friends and family are all accounted for, though it’s hard to call that good news. More news will undoubtedly come from this catastrophe.

Thanks, Ned, for calling last night, and J.E. and Liz for your kind messages this morning. I hope all is well with you all.


  1. Ned

    I’ll be interested to see what the explanation for this is.

    I’m not as close to this as you are, Shotts, but I still got a little of that sickening feeling, like when the Staten Island Ferry crashed in NY. Just a sense that out of the blue circumstances can change drastically.

  2. Tobias

    Jeff, thanks for sending out a group email…I was quite glad to hear you and Jen were safe.

    It’s been a long recurring literal nightmare of mine — that I am on a highway that is falling apart. So to have it happen in the real world is tragic. I hadn’t even heard about it before I got your email, so I’m glad I didn’t have time to worry. Again, glad to hear you’re safe. My thoughts and prayers are focused North….

  3. Shotts

    Thanks, Ned and Toby. They’ve lowered the number of missing people to eight, so that’s some good news, at least. Sounds today like six confirmed dead. Strange how these numbers have fluctuated over the past forty-eight hours. It suggests the confusion of such an event, though by all accounts, the rescue efforts have been really organized.

  4. J.E.

    After a natural disaster or engineering error (which often go hand in hand) like this I always think about how dangerous and difficult our world is even when people act with the best of intentions.

    These disasters make our acts of willful malice toward one another all the more shameful. And yet these times also bring to light unknown sources of selflessness as well.

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