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Nuts for _____


Okay, I just got a call from the allergy clinic a couple of days ago.  I’ve been given the all-clear for my cashew and pistachio allergies!  They said that no observable allergies showed up in a blood test I took a few days previous.  So, I can begin to reintroduce the pistachios and cashews back into my diet slowly.  I wasn’t aware that this happened, but they seemed confident I was fine to eat them again.  I wonder if I just ate too many nuts over the holidays a couple of years ago. 

All I’ll say is, it’s nice not to have a potentially life-threatening allergy again.


  1. Shotts

    Congratulations! I’m very glad to hear this, especially as we approach the holidays, so hopefully you’ll be enjoying responsibly, in moderation.

    Speaking of the holidays, it’s unfortunate that I won’t be seeing you this year. We’re planning Thanksgiving with my family in the Pacific Northwest, and then Christmas with Jen’s family here in Minnesota. I’m left wondering if my time in McPherson is dwindling.

  2. J.E.

    If your time in McPherson wanes then our time in Minnesota must wax.

    Liz and I will be in McPherson for Thanksgiving and Texas for Christmas.

    Yeah Tob, speaking from experience, not having a life-threatening food allergy pretty much kicks ass.

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