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The Hollow Simpsons

Please forgive me — I had some time to kill in Tucson. I’m not all together happy with these but there are limited options.  (Ned looks too mean, Shotts looks too relaxed and Toby doesn’t look devious enough.)  If you are unhappy with your Simpsons avatar then I suggest you make your own.

Hollow Simpsons


  1. Shotts

    Wow, not bad, actually–especially the Peters and J.E. versions. I guess I could learn something from my Simpsons doppleganger and try to be more relaxed…

  2. J.E.

    Yes, I think the Peters and J. E. versions are most successful. Unfortunately I can only take credit for “Peters Simpson.” My brother-in-law, Matt compiled “J. E. Simpson.”

  3. Tobias

    Yes, these are great! Thanks for immortalizing us, J.E. I attempted to create a version of myself that looked a little more devious. I’m sure this attempt is largely colored as to how I’d like to view myself, and not as the animators would intend it.
    Tobias Simpson

  4. Pete

    holy smokes! can you say, “new desktop background!”

  5. J.E.

    I have a higher rez version if you’d like one.

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