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This is a new image in the TINAW series, one of three digital works I am constructing. Before I took the trouble to post it to my website, I thought I’d get your input.


You Might Get What You're After Final Flattened


  1. typing one handed w/ baby

    love the talking heads reference!

  2. Yeah, that was a impulsive tenative title that I didn’t think anyone would notice. Could you see the money?

  3. Yeah, I was pretty sure I could see the money in the preview image but had to expand it to be sure.

  4. Terrific, Ned, and very different from a lot of your other visuals. I also like the Talking Heads there, and the look of the whole thing like a maze of money or a kind of demented board game.

  5. Thanks for your comments. The maze idea had occurred to me as I constructed the rows of money, but I love the board game idea too, which had not occurred to me, art criticism at work…

  6. Hardly an art critic, but with the house and the money, there’s a Monopoly world in there somewhere…

  7. It seems obvious now. I like that interpretation.

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