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Sketchbook Fridays (Despite the Scant Response Last Friday)

SB 09 010


SB 09 011


  1. Shotts

    I am enjoying these, Ned, so don’t be discouraged by scant response. I’m curious what all of this is heading toward, in terms of a series of paintings, an installation kind of piece perhaps, or…?

  2. Ned

    I’m not sure where it’s all headed.

    I’m just working and looking at what spills out.

    I’m interested in installation, though I do feel sometimes artists do installations these days to feel relevant more than because their ideas call for that form.

    I’m definitely going to create some paintings from some of the ideas that are coming out, and I need to do the second and third “Macho Meme” paintings, which I have planned out but haven’t had time to execute.

    I’m certainly not planning on abandoning representation, but I would like to get more expression and interepretive feeling from my work. I suppose that’s perhaps a subconscious goal of really attacking the sketchbooks.

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