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Living It

I thought this was an interesting story and wanted to share. 
Click on the photo above to read the article.


  1. Ned

    I read the article. Interesting, especially how he taught wih the vow of silence. Kind of makes you think that how we live IS more of a choice than we would sometimes pretend. His story is challenging. I also have a strange curiosity to see his watercolors.

  2. Shotts


    Glad to see this article. Thanks for posting it. Ned, I like your reaction about life being more a series of choices than we realize: I think that’s right. Interesting too to imagine all his other means of communication strengthening in the absence of chatter–music, painting, pantomime, writing, etc.

    The article doesn’t fully say how he explains the fact that he now flies on airplanes and drives a car (a hybrid)–which seriously increases one’s global environmental footprint.

    Thanks, Tob. Certainly a challenge to us all.


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