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Humble Request Regarding Food and Going Hungry

Hello All,

Speaking of food and going hungry, just thought I’d mention that I’m doing a three mile CROP walk this October. I’m supposed to have sponsors to raise money. I Don’t know too many people here to whom I can appeal. I’m trying to get people to send ten dollar checks made out to CWS/CROP Walk. Our goals are for ten people to raise a hundred dollars making a thousand per church out of twenty-two participating Eau Claire churches which will amount to twenty-two thousand dollars, or more…

For those of you who don’t know what this is: CROP Walk is intended to fight world hunger. Twenty percent of what you send will go to regional food banks, sixteen percent will go to administration costs and the rest to purchase seeds, farm equipment, land, drills for wells, water pumps, and other equipment intended on making communities self-sustainable mostly overseas in struggling countries where war does not prevent assistance and stability such as Malawi Africa. In other words, if you donate ten dollars, two dollars will go to local food banks, a dollar-seventy will go to administration, and the rest to fight hunger worldwide.

This is not the most efficient charity to fight world hunger, but it ranks as one of the more effiicent. CWS stands for Church World Service (an inter-denominational organization that includes all denominations, including Aglican and Orthodox, with the exception of Catholics who have a myriad of their own organizations) and if some of you are uncomfortable giving to a Christian based charity, I understand. It may also bother you that this organization also receives approximately 18-20 percent of their annual funds from the U.S. government. Again, I understand if this bothers you. Although, this situation arises because CWS has a much more effective manner of using funds than any direct governmental agencies do.

Despite these aspects, I do believe the organization does a lot of good, and I’m walking whether I get my hundred or not. Again, if you want to send a check, send it to: 2028 8th Street, Eau Claire, WI 54703, and make checks to CWS/CROP Walk.

If you aren’t interested in this for political, personal, financial reasons, or because you give time and money to other causes, no need to explain yourself in a blog. I know we’re all doing the best we can with what we’ve got. I’ll be grateful for anything that arrives before the October 8th deadline. Just know that if you pass on this. Spectra has already won.




  1. Pete

    I don’t want Spectra to win. I will get something out in the next day or two.

  2. Ned

    Thanks Jeff. Good to talk with you under a brilliant sunset.

  3. Pete

    sorry, ned, for the delay. the check has been sitting on the desk for several days, we have been out of envelopes through today. will leave here tomorrow. should be there thurs or fri. sorry again. jp

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