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Through Providence

This Wednesday morning, Steph and I are flying in to Boston, MA.  We then hop on a train to head to Warwick, RI where my youngest brother Tom is getting married this Friday.

On the left is an overhead view of the Outdoor Bridal Garden where it will be held. 

He’s asked me to be the best man, and it’s a priviledge.  He’s come a long way since I was living in the house with him, and I’ve been lucky to be able to speak with him as I would a peer lately.  He’s really wise for his age and I’m glad to be able to stand next to him at his wedding.

We’ll be returning to KC a week from today, but in between the wedding and the return we’ll be visiting some friends in Maine.  Our friends are in Portland, ME working on an organic farm.  They’ve been there since March, when they tapped Maple trees for syrup.  We’re going to visit the farm they’ve been working at, hike a couple of trails, eat cheap lobster (I’ve never had lobster before) and enjoy some cool weather.  It gets into the 40-degree range there at night.  My favorite type of weather.

I’ll be sure to take along a camera to post pictures of our trip when I return.

See you soon, Tom!  Glad to be standing with you this weekend….

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  1. Shotts

    Toby–This sounds like a great trip. Have a good and safe one. How meaningful to be Tom’s best man. Considering that you are the best of us, it’s no surprise. I hope all goes well–and pass on congratulations to your brother.


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