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A cool blogging tool

I am posting this entry with a new tool Microsoft put out called “Windows Live Writer.”  It’s in beta right now, but it seems like an easy tool to use and can streamline adding new entries to the site.


  1. tobias

    I went to the blog site for this tool, and discovered one of the members of the development team is McPherson’s own Charles Teague. It makes sense, since this interface resembles the work he did on Onfolio (which got purchased by Microsoft).

  2. Ned

    I have a friend that suggested that Windows Live Writer could be used to create a website. Is that true?

  3. Shotts

    I’ll have to look at this, especially with the Charles Teague connection. Yes, he’s now ensconced at Microsoft, and just had his second child, in fact…

    Toby, let us know what you think of Windows Live Writer and how you would employ it. Sorry some of us are not as technocratic as you are…


  4. Tobias

    One quick note, before I add to this old post. I’ve noticed that the HM have been signing names to posts. While this can continue if you desire to sign your post, it’s not really necessary. WordPress automatically tags the posts with the author’s name. It might save a little bit of your typing…we only have so many words we type until we die, after all. 😉

    Ned, I can’t remember if I ever answered your question posted above. I thought we might have discussed it over the phone, but memory gets foggy quickly these days. You could use Live Writer to maintain a web site, but not to create one. Unfortunately, it’s a complicated process beset by learning a few different programs regardless of how you shoose to do it. I wish it was easier, this is one reason I’ve stayed away from web design for the most part. I think I’ll be taking some continuing ed courses soon, though. I feel like I’ll have to jump in sometime.

    Jeff, I do use Live Writer for almost all of my posts, there’s some neat things I can do with it that are harder to do with the WordPress interface. I think there’s some comparable programs for the Mac out there, too. I’ll do a hands on sometime when we’re together, if anyone is interested.

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