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Thanksgiving Leftovers Music Thursday

One more track for all of your Thanksgiving-loving hearts:

01 Travel By Sea | “I Won’t Let You Down”

I hope everyone is well, had great holiday festivities, and had safe travels to and from their destinations.

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  1. Shotts


    With all of this, you’ve saved me once again. Nice to have these tunes for the holiday, and going forward.

    I did go ahead and buy U218–an excellent compilation, but a few odd choices, and the two new songs are very good, but next to “With or Without You,” “One,” and “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For,” they’re hardly among U2’s best. As an Apple user, I was very disappointed that iTunes did not release the two new songs as tunes you could buy separately. Still, very nice to have a U2 album at the holidays.

    Thanksgiving was very nice, traditional, and relaxing, for the most part. I baked pumpkin pies, and brought them to Jen’s parents’ house. We had a very traditional and very good Thanksgiving dinner. Then Al–Jen’s dad–really wanted to see Borat, which we did: highly recommended, if you’re up for some crass and biting satire. It exposes just how backward America is.

    Took several long walks around Jen’s parents’ development, out in the outer burbs. Had lots of leftovers. Read a lot. Played with my niece and nephew quite a bit. Did some holiday shopping.

    It was great, better than I had thought. Still, I miss our old tradition–ten years of having the group together is hard to give up. On the other hand, Jen’s mom’s gravy is definitely better than mine.

    Oh, and on that note, and apropos to our conversations here about food and diet: We saw the movie version of Fast Food Nation Saturday night. Interesting and disturbing movie, and it raises a lot of good points–but for my money, I do recommend the book to you all. It’s readable, outrageous, and intriguing, and certainly an argument as good as any for vegetarianism. One of the telling lines in the book, and also in the movie: “There’s shit in the meat.” I, for one, am going to maintain a shit-free diet.

    I hope you all had a great holiday among family and friends. Here’s to Thanksgiving, which continues to be ours. And to Jerod, who likewise continues to be ours.


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