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Starring: The Master Bath

In this part of Texas you can’t throw a rock in the air with out hitting at indie film maker. Last weekend an indie script writer landed on our porch and asked if she could use our bathroom – as a location.

When our house was on the market a few years ago this script writer, Jeni and her husband, Dutch, looked at our lovely home and they remembered our bathrooms. They were in the last week of shooting and needed a few minutes of bathroom footage. So Sunday they and an actress came and filmed for about 20 minutes in our master bath (the pink one, for those of you who have been here).

Turns out Jeni and Dutch live a block away and seem like our kind of people. In Elgin, finding our kind of people is a rare and precious gift.

Hopefully they’ll get their feature length film, The Incurable, into SXSW, Slamdance and other film festivals for 2007.

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  1. Shotts

    Dear J. E.–

    This is incredible! Wow, can’t wait to see the pink bathroom in the film. I hope it will come out in Minnesota at some point, but otherwise will keep it in mind for Netflix. Let us know when you see the film, and I hope your bathroom looks great in it–and I hope you get a “thank you” in the film’s credits. Looks like an interesting film…

    And just on an indie movie note: I saw Half-Nelson, here in New York, last night, and recommend it. It’s a pretty downer movie, but very well done and well acted. It stars Ryan Gosling as a teacher who is seriously into drugs, and one of his students finds him doing drugs in the locker room.

    Live, from New York–


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