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Splendid Isolation

This summer, after being awarded a residency, I am going to be spending 19 days on Isle Royale National Park, on lake Superior. It is the location of the longest running study of a predatory mammal and its prey in the U.S. I will be on foot with no technology and likely will not be able to see the entire 46 mile island, but I hope to do some serious walking. Of course, I’m supposed to be making art as well.




Isle Royale


  1. Shotts

    That’s great, Ned! I have only heard incredible things about Isle Royale, and all the better that you’re affording it through residency support. Congratulations. Enjoy it. Let us know the dates you’ll be there.

  2. J.E.

    Great news! I felt confident when you told me about this last year that you would be invited. Will your family join you for some of this time?

  3. Ned

    Sara and the kids are unfortunately going to be going to Synod School in Iowa and then on to KS for a visit which I will miss out on. So it truly will be Splendid Isolation. I hope 19 days is not too long for me. I know I will miss them sorely since I miss them after a week in NY sorely. But I think being secluded in the wilderness for that long will be a spiritual experience as well.

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